Sen. Lynda Wilson calls for special session of Washington State Legislature to ‘rein in’ governor’s emergency powers

The Republican state senator has been consistent in raising the question of why lawmakers in Olympia have not been allowed to provide input to Gov. Jay Inslee during the coronavirus pandemic

Sen. Lynda Wilson (Republican, 17th District) continued her call for a special session of the Washington State Legislature in comments she shared on her official legislative social media page Thursday.

Sen. Lynda Wilson
Senator Lynda Wilson, R-17

Wilson has been consistent in raising the question of why lawmakers in Olympia have not been allowed to provide input to Gov. Jay Inslee during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wilson is Republican leader of the Senate committee on economic development and trade. She also served on the governor’s pandemic-related business-recovery task force until it was abruptly disbanded in May, after just five weeks.

“I listened in dismay yesterday afternoon as the governor reinstated his indoor mask mandate, and extended his previously announced vaccine mandate to include K-12 employees,’’ Sen. Wilson wrote Thursday. “Every time he referred to ‘following the science’ I was reminded how often his pandemic-related decisions over the past 18 months seemed to have NO connection to science. Keeping schools closed month after month, killing businesses by labeling them ‘non-essential,’ allowing big Puget Sound counties to reopen even when the numbers didn’t support it … I could keep going.

“I have a real problem with how this governor is going farther than any other in attempting to force people to inject something into their bodies against their will, to the point of threatening their jobs, and how he seems both puzzled and dismissive that people have sincerely held concerns about the vaccine,’’ the senator added. “He has shown so little trust in the people for so long, and now he’s extended that distrust to K-12 employees.

“And of course, he left the door open to more drastic measures – like economic rollbacks,’’ Sen. Wilson stated. “It is past time for the Legislature to call ourselves back for a special session to rein in the Governor’s emergency powers. He has shown, without a doubt, that he needs to be kept in check… like our government is supposed to work.’’

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  1. Spinster

    Wearing a mask should give you a sense of pride for making the community safer, but no. I can not trust my neighbors to do the right thing. As a result, we have a mandate. No, you do not have the right to infect us.

    1. Jenn

      The mask mandate has nothing to to with people refusing to be injected. Fully vaccinated staff in many places are STILL being required to wear the useless masks.

      1. Spinster

        Exactly, even if you are vaccinated you can still be a carrier of COVid, and unknowingly pass it to someone who can get the vaccine, such as some people with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and children. I would not want to give it to anyone, so I wear a mask willingly. Isn’t it nice to care for each other? It makes me feel good and should make you feel good too.

  2. Jeffrey

    There is a reason for separation of powers and king Inslee is proof. ALL laws originate in the legislative branch NOT some NOT most ALL. The legislative branch created this by voting to give emergency powers to the governor. The legislative branch doesn’t have the authority to pass off its delegated authority to the governor or executive branch – his job is to execute the laws the legislative branch has. Like in Michigan the legislative branch did the same and queen Whitmer vetoed the bill because, queens don’t give up power it took a supreme court opinion to strip her of emergency power. I expect the legislative branch in Washington to do the same to king Inslee by whatever means necessary. He’s out of control.

  3. Rich Eucker

    This is about power!! Meanwhile we keep letting thousands of illegals in?! If they were concerned they’d be closing it down tight!


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