Rep. Greg Cheney takes oath of office, will serve on four House committees

Rep. Greg Cheney
Rep. Greg Cheney

Cheney, who was raised in Clark County, is a longtime attorney and resident of Battle Ground

Rep. Greg Cheney was sworn into office Monday as one of two new state representatives for the 18th Legislative District. He replaces former Rep. Larry Hoff, who did not run for reelection.

Cheney, who was raised in Clark County and is a longtime resident of Battle Ground, is an attorney focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses and providing indigent representation to low-income Washingtonians in need of legal support. He is also a small business owner.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the district I have called home for much of my life,” said Cheney, R-Battle Ground. “I look forward to making a positive impact not only for the 18th, but for the entire state as we look to fix a growing number of problems that are affecting more and more families every day. It is critical Republicans and Democrats work together this session to ensure Washington remains a great place to live, work, go to school, raise a family, start a business, and retire.”

During the 2023 session, Cheney says he will be focused on:

  • Keeping taxes low and cutting government waste.
  • Eliminating regulations that hurt small businesses and negatively impact job growth.
  • Fixing the Blake decision to recriminalize drugs, and incentivizing treatment-based care over incarceration.
  • Increasing funding for, and improving the delivery of, mental health services.
  • Working on regional transportation solutions and reducing congestion.

The 18th District lawmaker is currently serving on four House committees – Capital Budget, Civil Rights and Judiciary, Consumer Protection and Business, and Regulated Substances and Gaming.

Cheney was also selected by his colleagues to serve as an Assistant Whip for the House Republican Caucus where he will help maintain decorum during caucus meetings

The 2023 legislative session is scheduled to run for 105 consecutive days.

Information provided by Washington State House Republicans,

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