Rep. Brandon Vick announces this will be his last term in the Legislature

Vick, who is in the middle of his tenth year as a member of the Washington State House of Representatives, plans to finish the remainder of his term representing the 18th Legislative District

Rep. Brandon Vick (Republican, 18th District) announced today he will not run for re-election to the Washington State Legislature later this year. Vick, who is in the middle of his tenth year as a member of the Washington State House of Representatives, plans to finish the remainder of his term representing the 18th Legislative District. Although he has enjoyed his time in the House immensely, he says it’s time for a change.

“I’ve always viewed elected office as a public service, not a career path, and I believe it’s time for me to transition back into the private sector and let someone else take the reins. When I was first elected, my wife and I were proud parents of a newborn baby girl. That baby girl is now almost 10, and that sure puts things into perspective. While I am not exactly sure what the next phase in life will bring, being close to home and present at all of those softball tournaments, basketball games, and life events is my top priority.

Rep. Brandon Vick
Rep. Brandon Vick

“Serving as a state representative has truly been an honor and privilege, especially working so closely with the many wonderful people in the Eighteenth District,” said Vick. “I have made it my goal from day one to champion small business and provide every company and individual the opportunity to be economically successful in the state of Washington. There have been many challenges, but I have always strived to work on behalf of the people in my district to make their lives better. Although, I will miss serving and working with my fellow House Republicans, now is the right time to focus on other things.”

Since joining the Legislature in December 2012, Vick’s top priorities have been championing small business, and fostering an economic climate in which citizens of Southwest Washington can live, grow, and thrive. He has worked on various business-focused committees during the last 10 years, including Finance, Commerce and Gaming, Appropriations, and as the ranking member of the House Consumer Protection and Business Committee, where he fought for the rights of small businesses, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, and the overall economic development of Washington.

“In nearly a decade serving the State of Washington as a legislator in the House of Representatives, I have had the honor and responsibility of representing my community, its people and its businesses, coming to the table with creative solutions to our state’s most complex challenges,” said Vick.

During his time as a state lawmaker, Vick has strived to keep his promises to his constituents and stay true to his principles and beliefs. His fellow House Republicans have long admired the 18th District lawmaker for his quiet leadership.

“Brandon Vick has been a quiet voice for common sense and the best possible government function since the day he was sworn into office. He was a leader in the House Republican Caucus and deeply respected in the House and across the rotunda,” said House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm. “Brandon was also known for his unusual shoes. And they will be hard shoes to fill.”

Vick has worked tirelessly to improve the overall business and economic outlook in Washington, most notably by offering legislation to make it easier for businesses and individuals to pursue their financial and economic goals and dreams. His constant objective as a state representative was to reduce the complication and confusion for those trying to pursue business opportunities in Washington.

“Throughout my career I have maintained my principles and fought for the promises that I made to my community over five campaigns. I also know that I have built strong relationships across the aisle, and can sit down with any legislator, constituent, and interested party to forge creative solutions that are best for our citizens. I believe in the importance of maintaining good working partnerships with people across the political landscape. If we focus on the policy, and not the headline, we can do great things for the people of Washington state. We have all witnessed the increased polarization that has taken place in our political process, and I truly hope that those who come next will continue to work to bridge that divide.”

During his five terms as a legislator, Vick was the primary sponsor of 14 bills that were signed into law. He also introduced and co-sponsored hundreds of other bills championing small business growth and development.

“There are so many people looking to pursue a career or business path that run into endless rolls of red tape in our state,” said Vick. “Government should look for ways to provide opportunities and make it easier for individuals and small businesses to be successful. As a state lawmaker, I’ve always tried to put the people first by reducing the role of state government in business and economic development. When we let people and business innovate, that’s when we have the most success.”

Vick said he hopes he will be remembered for how much he cared about the average citizen and for how much he fought to make things better for those struggling to make a living.

“The last nine-plus years have been wonderful, and I will miss the friendships I’ve made and the many opportunities to meet with the people and businesses of the Eighteenth District,” added Vick. “There are many great things about this job, but the most rewarding has been the opportunity to see people achieve success thanks to good legislation.”

Although he will no longer hold an official position, Vick said he plans to stay active and involved in his community and continue to be a part of the discussion as a private citizen.

“Running for and holding elected office is a unique experience, and one that is shared by a team of people. None of it would have been possible without the full support of my wife, Darci, and daughter, Makena. They sacrificed nights, weekends, and sometimes months at a time so that I could do this job to the best of my ability. I can’t thank them enough. Not to be forgotten are my parents, Tom and Dianne, my colleagues, my wonderful staff from both the caucus and the House, and those who helped to get me to Olympia.

“Lastly, I was successful in large part due to the efforts of my Legislative Assistant Peter Gilmour. Peter was with me from day one. If you ever interacted with our office, he was the first one you talked to.  Peter has served the people of the Eighteenth District admirably for the past 10 years and made it possible for me to find success. This has been a tremendous experience. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to serve. It has been an honor.”

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    Carolyn Crain

    Oh man, this is awful news. You are one of the GOOD GUYS Brandon! I appreciate the desire and the sacrifice you made. I also appreciate your desire to be at home with your family. I just wish we could clone you!

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    So many small businesses have gone under in WA state these past 2 pandemic years, while the WA billionaires make more $ BILLIONS. Rep. Brandon Vick is honest, works hard for all of us, and will be sorely missed.


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