Popular senator issues ‘shocking’ warning to Donald Trump fans

As the son of immigrants from communist Cuba, Sen. Marco Rubio has a warning for Americans in the wake of the FBI's raid of Donald Trump's home.
Sen. Marco Rubio

‘That’s the next step in this playbook, sadly’

Art Moore
WND News Center

As the son of immigrants from communist Cuba, Sen. Marco Rubio has a warning for Americans in the wake of the FBI’s raid of Donald Trump’s home.

Anyone who supports the former president may be next.

“This is shocking to Americans, but in Latin America and many of the countries around the world, here’s what happens,” Rubio, said in a Fox News interview spotlighted by the Epoch Times. “A group takes power. One of the first things that group does is they begin to persecute and go after their political opponents.

“And then when the supporters of their political opponents begin to complain about it, they begin to target them and they criminalize opposition.”

Rubio, the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said that is exactly what is happening in the United States.

The Democrats took power and “they’re demanding … they want Donald Trump arrested, they want him charged right now.”

“And I’m telling you, the next thing you’re gonna see here – because it’s the playbook – he next step in this process is going to be that people who are supporters of Donald Trump or just conservatives complaining about this … are going to begin to get labeled as potential insurrectionists and are going to begin to get harassed by law enforcement,” he said.

“That’s the next step in this playbook, sadly,” he said.

Rubio fired off a letter Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding an explanation for the raid, noting it comes just three months before the November midterm elections as public trust in government and electoral procedures erodes.

Americans have a “right to know” why the FBI did something it has never done to any other president.

Previously, the agency informed the congressional intelligence committee leadership in sensitive cases.

“I expect an explanation as to why I, and to the best of my knowledge, every other leader of the congressional intelligence committee first learned of this raid on President Trump’s residence via the media, despite the law requiring the committees to be fully and currently informed of all intelligence activities undertaken by the U.S. Government, including any significant anticipated intelligence activity,” he wrote.

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  1. Dave

    Maybe, just maybe, our elected Republican officials and lawmakers should try to do something about it instead of sitting on their hands and giving in at every turn.

  2. s.a.

    scariest part of this scenario is… up to 50% of American citizens believe the raid was justified and subsequent raids on dissenters is warranted.
    the veil of deception covers many eyes and clouds many more minds than we ever could have imagined.
    c’mon America, y’all are better than this


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