Nakia Creek Fire evacuation zones removed

Nakia Creek Fire. Photo courtesy Cade Barker/Barker Photography.
Nakia Creek Fire. Photo courtesy Cade Barker/Barker Photography.

This is still an active fire; road closures are still in place

Thursday (Oct. 20) morning, Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency’s (CRESA 911) sent a PublicAlert message to all landline phones and registered contacts in the impacted fire evacuation zones of the Nakia Creek Fire. The message sent by Emergency Management stated that fire evacuation zones impacted have been removed.  

The message included a web link,, to direct people where to go to verify where road closures are still in place.  The message shared was:

“This is a message from CRESA 911 and the Washington Department of Natural Resources. We previously notified you of evacuations in your area related to the Nakia Creek Fire. At this time, all evacuation zones have been removed.  This is still an active fire and parts of the area will remain closed until further notice. For fire updates please visit We appreciate your cooperation.”

As a reminder this is still an active fire.  Smoke and even some burning within the fire lines will continue for some time.  Roads on State and Federal Land where the fire is still burning will remain closed.  CRESA Emergency Management encourages residents to continue monitoring fire information while remaining “Alert and Ready.” 

Individuals needing assistance or who may not have access to the internet can call the CRESA Call Center at (360) 992-9229 for assistance to determine what roads are still closed.

Please do not call 9-1-1 or 3-1-1 regarding fire information or assistance with evacuation zones.

Information provided by Clark Regional Emergency Services and Camas Police Department.

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