Long-term Lancet study shows vaccines don’t prevent death

A long-term study published by the prestigious British journal The Lancet that follows up on participants in the Moderna and Pfizer trials found the vaccines had no effect on overall mortality.

Follow-up of trial participants found ‘no effect on overall mortality’

Art Moore
WND News Center

A long-term study published by the prestigious British journal The Lancet that follows up on participants in the Moderna and Pfizer trials found the vaccines had no effect on overall mortality.

Among 74,000 trial participants, there were 31 all-cause deaths among the vaccinated and 30 among the placebo groups as of January, reported Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze.

Curiously, as Horowitz noted, the authors of the Danish-government-funded study state: “Based on the RCTs with the longest possible follow-up, mRNA vaccines had no effect on overall mortality despite protecting against fatal COVID-19.”

Horowitz asked: “So how is it that mRNAs had no effect on all-cause mortality but protect against fatal COVID?”

He supposed that either the vaccines “don’t really protect against COVID, or the nominal benefit is washed away by the mortality from adverse events.”

Horowitz noted that the authors concede that the clinical trials were mainly conducted on healthy adults.

“They surmise that for sicker adults, the mRNAs might have induced a better mortality result, but that is pure speculation,” he wrote.

“What is clear, however, is that the mRNA vaccine makers understood that there was no mortality benefit for healthy people and pushed the shots on them anyway, even though they came with substantial non-COVID risk of adverse events.”

Horowitz pointed out that epidemiological data also indicate the shots are ineffective in reducing mortality overall.

New Zealand is a good case study, he wrote, because the island state had very few COVID deaths for the first two years of the pandemic. Further, nearly every age bracket had a vaccination rate higher than 90%, except for those ages 5-11. And more than half of all adults, especially those in vulnerable categories, received a booster shot.

Nevertheless, New Zealand experienced nearly all of its deaths after all of that was accomplished. As of Nov. 4, 2021, New Zealand recorded just 29 COVID deaths, but the country now has 469. And that spike has happened, Horowitz pointed out, during the wave dominated by Omicron, a variant that largely produces an upper respiratory infection with mild symptoms.

About 98% of all confirmed COVID cases in New Zealand occurred after February 2022.

Other data

CDC and U.K. government data also have indicated that the COVID-19 vaccines not only are ineffective in preventing cases and transmission, they rapidly lose protection against severe illness or death while posing risks.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a clinician and epidemiologist, presented on her Substack page an analysis of CDC data on 30 million adults in California and New York, three-quarters of whom were vaccinated. Nass compared COVID hospitalization and case rates in those who were vaccinated and had no prior COVID illness with adults who were never vaccinated but had recovered from COVID and presumably had natural immunity. The data were collected from June to November 2021, before the Omicron wave appeared.

She found vaccinated Californians and New Yorkers were three times more likely to develop COVID than those who had prior immunity and were unvaccinated.

Further, vaccinated Californians had a higher rate of hospitalizations (severe illness) than those who were unvaccinated but had prior immunity. New York did not provide hospitalization data.

In the U.K., the age-standardized data from the Office of National Statistics indicated the double-vaccinated were protected against death for most of 2021. But in December 2021 and January 2022, COVID death rates in the doubly vaccinated but unboosted were higher than in those who had never been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, a former adviser to the FDA commissioner who continues to serve in an oversight role says the agency is ignoring its requirement to disclose clear safety and efficacy problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Last month, an Army flight surgeon testified in federal court that she was ordered by high-level command not to discuss the controversy over Department of Defense data indicating a massive spike in serious injuries and illnesses among military personnel when the vaccines were rolled out in 2021. And, among many other safety signals, an analysis of CDC data by a former Wall Street executive and an insurance industry expert shows an alarming rise in excess deaths among Millennials over the past year amid the COVID vaccine rollout.

Earlier this month the Food and Drug Administration released a briefing document that says the composition of the current COVID-19 vaccines might need to be changed to ensure high levels of protection.

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  1. Margaret

    Victor Castillo Simoes, a senior manager at Amazon, received a first Pfizer shot on April 20, 2021 at a Safeway pharmacy in Seattle, Washington. His mother, Henrietta, shared in an exclusive interview with The Defender that, that 15 days later, on May 5, 2021, he complained of chest pains and soon collapsed. Victor  was intubated in the ambulance and taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Thirty minutes later he was declared dead. See full interview
    34-Year-Old Died After Pfizer Shot, Mother Shares ‘Ridiculous’ Letters From CDC
    More Than 1 Million COVID Vaccine Injuries, Nearly 27,000 Deaths Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show

    16-year-old Wisconsin girl develops blood clots, dead 11 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

    35-Year-Old Woman Dies of Brain Hemorrhage 11 Days After Receiving J&J Vaccine

    25-Year-Old Develops Myocarditis After Moderna Vaccine, Mother Says Doctors ‘Downplayed’ Connection
    The manufacturers have no liability for the serious health impacts and deaths suffered by people young and old around the world. Parents, teens, young thru seniors are not duly warned of the serious risks by those who manufacture these products and make $ BILLIONS, or by the public agencies who continue to claim these products are safe.

    • “Pfizer expects that its COVID-19 vaccine and new oral antiviral treatment against the disease will rake in about $54 billion in combined revenue for FY 2022.”


  2. Sylvia

    Similar data have been shared by scientists, many of whom have since been silenced or vilified by the very same institutions that used to praise them!
    The simple fact is that natural immunity is far superior to any and all laboratory created substances. A robust immune system is there to interact with pathogens naturally and effectively. Any resulting illnesses will be minor or asymptomatic. Nurture your body by leading a respectful lifestyle, and it will look after your health.
    Unfortunately, GREED has once again proven that those addicted to it have chosen to remain in denial of scientific facts. Powerful greed-addicts have misused their authority to the detriment of society. Fear is used to dominate.
    Many have remained unvaccinated, yet remained unaffected by Covid-19.
    Many have been vaccinated – some multiple times – yet remained vulnerable to Covid-19.
    After all the lies, misleading narratives, mandates and threats that resulted in ruined economies, unemployment, chaos, stress, injuries, deaths – the fact remains that natural immunity is superior to vaccines and will always prevail.
    Thanks, Art, for sharing this paper.


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