Jaime Herrera Beutler campaign accuses candidate Joe Kent of attempting to hide plan to cut Social Security benefits

Kent is one of eight candidates challenging Herrera Beutler for her 3rd Congressional District seat

Joe Kent
Joe Kent

VANCOUVER – Jaime Herrera Beutler’s campaign today (July 14) called on congressional candidate Joe Kent to be forthright with voters and stop covering up his plan to cut Social Security benefits for seniors.

Kent, who stated status as a Republican, is one of eight candidates challenging Herrera Beutler for her 3rd Congressional District seat. Other candidates stating Republican filing status include Heidi St. John, Vicki Kraft and Leslie French. Candidates stating Democrat status include Davy Ray and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. Oliver Black prefers the American Solidarity Party and Chris Byrd filed as an Independent.

Jaime Herrera Beutler
Jaime Herrera Beutler

According to the Herrera Beutler campaign, Kent had been prominently featuring his plan to cut Social Security by raising the retirement age for benefit eligibility on his campaign website for several months.  Herrera Beutler began running a campaign ad in recent weeks highlighting Kent’s plan to take Social Security benefits away – and now that ballots are being mailed to voters, the Herrera Beutler campaign claimed Kent’s campaign quietly removed any reference to his plan from his campaign website.

The Internet Archive website details the “Kent cover up”:

• June 4, 2022 (Joe Kent website archive): “We must balance our budget, end needless spending, and dramatically change entitlement spending by raising the age that citizens receive social security.”

• Today (July 14), after the Kent cover up (Joe Kent website): “We must balance our budget, end needless spending, and dramatically change entitlement spending by expanding options for younger workers.”

“Southwest Washington seniors want a representative who is transparent and honest, not a politician who tries to hide his plans to cut Social Security benefits for millions until he scoots through an election.  Joe Kent probably got an earful from seniors who would be hurt by his plan to cut their Social Security benefits, realized the harm he would do, and figured a cover up would be his most politically convenient option.  If Joe Kent wants to slash Social Security benefits for seniors, he needs to be forthright about his plans rather than trying to deceive voters,” stated Herrera Beutler’s campaign.

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  1. Webby

    Sorry Jamie, but not sorry, you are getting replaced with him or Heidi , or if it must be, the other party candidate in November. Better update your resume

  2. John Smith

    In the old days, when traveling into Vancouver on the I-5 Corridor you were greeted with a floral display that read ‘Welcome to Vancouver USA’. I miss those days.

    Candidates that run on the ‘America First’ agenda are just not in our future here…

    1. Mary

      I have posted before, there is not a lick of difference between Heidi and Jamie. Do your research, you’ll agree with me. If you want a conservative vs a RINO you must vote for Joe Kent.

      1. Born in Washington

        Jaime is a do nothing photo op queen. She is invisible until election year and then she throws tax payer money around the state for votes.

    2. Wynn Grcich

      Most Washtonians don’t want the New World Order agenda 2030 of depopulation and a Marxist- socialist heading for communism government.

  3. Jeff Cooper

    I’m in Oregon and have been inundated by political ads, particularly the smear campaign run against Smith. Although I have no vote (nor interest other than seeing these ads end) I have a few questions:

    1. When is the primary? (So hopefully these inane ads will end).
    2. What do you think of the Butler PAC claiming that Smith is a closet Bernie Sanders loving socialist?
    3. What do you think of the PAC citing the “Drinkin’Bros Podcast” for the source of their smear?

    So yeah, personally I think we should get rid of *all* political ads, get rid of “Citizens United” and take corporate money out of politics.

      1. Jeff Cooper

        this shows you how little conservatives understand anything. it’s the “Gonzo Fist” by the late great journalist Hunter S. Thompson… in and of itself it has nothing to do with politics although HST definitely excoriated Tricky Dick Nixon back in the day.

        however… you are right (though for the wrong reason) about my own personal politics. but my politics really aren’t about why i made my comment. yeah… i’m sick of political ads *in general* not to mention Smith’s bs.

        care to comment on any of that? or are you cool with her “Drinkin’ Bros Podcast” source for her Sanders smear on her opponent?

  4. Born in Washington

    Right on Webby. She doesn’t have any accomplishments so he has to resort to telling lies about Joe. Her own words she doesn’t hold in person town halls because she doesn’t like being yelled at. Boohoo little snowflake RINO.

  5. Wynn Grcich

    This is garbage. I heard Kent speak three times. I have friends who go to all his campaign speeches. He never said he wants to get rid of social security. Where and when did Beutlar hear this hidden agenda? Is Beutlar so dispirit she is making things up? Did you know Obama during his presidency signed an executive order about disinformation and fake news, it is OK report fake news. Look that up? That is real! Monday, at 5pm, Trump and Kent are have a phone call meeting. It would be interested in hearing them together. If Beutlar was so great, why didn’t Trump endorse her?

  6. Wynn Grcich

    Beutlar missed Joe Kent’s youtube video on Social Security. Everyone read Kent’s issues. Beutlar’s lie is not on there and look up this article’s second July 14th link and see his video about social security. We don’t need Beutlar in office.

  7. Jen

    Kent’s plan of individual savings accounts is not new and would (1) would prevent the government from raiding the accounts for its own, often questionable, purposes, (2) the yield on dollars paid into the account would be much higher than SS, which results in more income for retirees and prevents the constant threat of SS system implosion, (3) money paid in would be an asset of the account holder and therefore could be left to their heirs unlike social security, and (4) individual savings accounts would provide significant tax benefits. It wouldn’t change the system of retired people or those nearing retirement would likely include a transition group who would utilize both SS and individual accounts. Most people see these things as desirable benefits and would sign up in red hot second if given the choice.

    It’s shocking to see Jaime lamely attempting to frighten uninformed people with the standard Democrat election year scare tactic that the GOP will, “take away your SS.” Jaime is becoming indistinguishable from the standard leftist Democrat and engaging in the same dirty, dishonest, decidedly non-Christian, leftist-like campaign tactics as spoiler candidate Heidi St. John. My own opinion is that it’s time to elect someone who advocates empowerment of real people over career politicians (as well as the desperately aspiring), and who puts America First!


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