Jail disturbance leads to arson charges

Two inmates set fire to items within their unit.

Two inmates set fire to items within their unit

The inmates continued to act belligerent toward the staff and at approximately 12:45 p.m., two inmates set fire to items within their unit.  The fire filled the unit with smoke and corrections deputies were able to put out the flames and safely clear the unit.  The fire resulted in minor property damage and no inmates or corrections deputies were injured.

Corrections deputies requested assistance from enforcement deputies with the investigation.  Corrections deputies identified several suspects and collected evidence.  The city of Vancouver Fire Marshal conducted the cause and origin investigation, and enforcement deputies interviewed several persons.

At the conclusion of the initial investigation, Michael C. Dempsey and David N. Trachuk were charged with one count each of Arson in the First Degree.  Dempsey and Trachuk are in the Clark County Jail on unrelated charges.  Their arraignment on the new charges will be determined by the Clark County prosecuting attorney. 

This is an open investigation and charges for other inmates are potentially forthcoming. 

There will be no further comment on the investigation. 

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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