Intruder shot and killed by homeowner in North Clark County

Homeowner attempted to calm the agitated, unwanted trespasser to no avail

An unwanted trespasser was shot and killed Thursday by the homeowner of a residence near Battle Ground, according to a news release from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

At about 9:46 p.m. Thursday (July 8), deputies were dispatched to 20312 NE 176th Avenue, for a welfare check.  The 9-1-1 caller stated that an unknown and unwanted male was at the front door of the residence demanding entry.  The unwanted male was emotionally distraught.  The 9-1-1 caller also indicated that the unwanted male had gotten past a locked driveway gate and was trespassing.  

The homeowner answered the door armed with a handgun and attempted to speak to the unwanted male, who attempted to push his way past the homeowner and gain entry to the house.  The homeowner was able to calm the agitated male enough so that they could have a conversation on the front porch of the residence.  The remaining residents of the house hid in a back bedroom while remaining on the phone with 9-1-1.  

According to the 9-1-1 caller, the unwanted male was telling the homeowner to shoot him, and that if he did not shoot him, the male would “go after” or “hurt” the homeowner’s wife.

After several minutes of the homeowner trying to deescalate the unwanted male, the male assaulted the homeowner and was shot by the homeowner.  The male died at the scene.

The homeowner and residents have been cooperative with the detectives’ investigation.  No arrests have been made in this case, and the investigation is ongoing.  

The name of the deceased male will likely be released by the Medical Examiner’s Office once proper next of kin notification has been made.  The name of the homeowner has not yet been released.

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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Cheryl Brantley
Cheryl Brantley
10 months ago

Last week a man was reported on facebook as walking down a road headed towards Yacolt waving a flag. He was reported by many people as being in the middle of the road and waving the flag close to cars. Soon after, I heard him yelling in the road in front of my house. I thought there was 2 men fighting out there, but it was this man alone. Later this same day, he was reported at Amboy Market and several people called 911 because he was out of control, screaming and begging for money. In the early morning hours of the next morning when it was still dark, a woman in Amboy reported to facebook that she had called 911 and that there was a man at her door screaming to let him in and threatening to break windows to get in if the homeowner wouldn’t help him get a ride back to Vancouver. This home was located down a very long, dark driveway.
What’s disappointing is that he was not picked up earlier in the day after several people called 911.
I wonder if this was the same man.

10 months ago

Do you know what the person looked like? I am wondering if it is someone I saw that was about 6’5″, blond haired male.