Illegal firearms seized from 16-year-old suspect

One of the handguns recovered was stolen from a federal law enforcement agency.
Photos courtesy Clark County Sheriff’s Office

One of the handguns recovered was stolen from a federal law enforcement agency 

On Aug. 10, Clark County Sheriff deputies were conducting a traffic enforcement emphasis in the Hazel Dell area.  A deputy observed a sedan and made attempts to conduct a traffic stop for an equipment violation. 

The vehicle failed to comply with the traffic stop and made attempts to accelerate away.  Soon after, the vehicle abruptly stopped, and the driver fled from the vehicle.  The deputy observed the driver in possession of a handgun and observed the driver place the firearm in his waistband while sprinting from the vehicle.  Multiple other subjects also fled on foot from the vehicle.  

Another deputy observed the driver and engaged him a short distance from the vehicle.  The suspect fully complied with instructions from the arresting deputy and no further incident occurred.  He was found to no longer be in possession of the firearm.    

An extensive search of the area was conducted with the assistance of Vancouver Police Department K9. During the search, the handgun was located, which included a 30-round extended magazine.  Further firearm analysis will be conducted, but the firearm appears to be illegally modified to be fully automatic.  

The 16-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with Attempting to Elude and Unlawful Firearm Possession.  He was booked into the Clark County Juvenile Justice Center.  

On Tuesday (Aug. 16), the suspect’s vehicle was searched pursuant to a court authorized search warrant. During the vehicle search, ballistic body armor was located and seized, as well as two additional handguns, both reported stolen, one of which was stolen from a federal law enforcement agency.   

The investigation remains active. 

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
1 month ago

How does a 16 yr old get possession of a stolen firearm that belong to a federal agent???

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