Human trafficking mission results in arrests

File photograph shows Portland Police making a stop during an HTU mission. Photo courtesy Portland Police Bureau
File photograph shows Portland Police making a stop during an HTU mission. Photo courtesy Portland Police Bureau

Two Clark County men among those arrested in Portland

During the last week of June, Portland Police Bureau’s Human Trafficking Unit (HTU) conducted proactive anti-trafficking initiatives through directed patrol along 82nd Avenue. Personnel from East, North, and Central Precincts, PPB’s Specialized Resources Division and Victim Services Unit, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office also assisted in the mission.

The following individuals were arrested or cited for ORS 167.008 Commercial Sexual Solicitation (CSS) and/or Portland City Code 14A.40.50 Unlawful Prostitution Procurement Activities (UPPA):

– Elijah Grant, 38, Vancouver, WA

– Dominick Iaderaia, 49, Camas, WA

– Nicholas McGuffin, 42, Oregon City, OR

– Terry Sanborn, 43, Portland, OR

– Douglas Stoker, 43, Maricopa, AZ

– Brandon Weaver, 35, Portland, OR

The following individual was also contacted and arrested for the following crime:

– Kenny Christensen, 30, Portland, OR, probation violation detainer

During the mission, four vehicles were towed, and eight providers were contacted. Providers were offered assistance with resources and/or other advocacy efforts were made available. Several other potential buyers and providers were also identified in the area.

PPB and HTU continue to receive several livability complaints from community members, organizations, and business partners regarding illegal activity rampant along this stretch of 82nd Avenue. HTU cases are complex with several identified barriers such as repeated traumatic exposures, trauma bonds with traffickers, and fear of retaliation. The victims in these cases are often reluctant to come forward, make a report, and/or continue through the criminal justice process. HTU continues to offer trauma-informed, victim-centered services, in conjunction with PPB Victim Services Unit advocates and community-based partnerships.

If you or someone you know is being labor or sex trafficked, please call 9-1-1 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or report tips to

Earlier this year, PPB released a podcast on efforts to combat sex trafficking in Portland. You can listen to it here:

And last September, PPB debuted a video on the problem and devastating impacts of sex trafficking:

Information provided by the Portland Police Bureau.

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