Former congressman: 1 more term for Biden and voting won’t matter

Former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Photo courtesy Wikipedia
Former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

‘America is on a path to becoming functionally election-proof’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

American elections have been in the news much in recent years.

There were all those charges that the 2016 presidential race was corrupted by outside influences.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg handed out $400 million plus to local election officials who often used it to support the Democrat party.

Then there was the FBI’s instruction to social media to suppress accurate, but very damaging, reporting on details found in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop about the various, and nefarious, Biden family schemes that apparently sold access to Joe Biden.

A poll afterwards revealed that likely cost President Trump the election that year.

In 2022, there also were complaints of ballot mishandling, voting machine meddling and even blatant rule changes to help Democrats.

Now it’s just about over, according to a former congressman. Not the election meddling, but elections.

Former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has explained in a commentary at Fox News that “America is on a path to becoming functionally election-proof.”

“One more four-year term of President Joe Biden’s puppet regime may be enough to lock in irreversible changes that put partisan agendas within the federal government on autopilot. If that happens, the voice of the people can be silenced,” he warned.

He noted when he left Congress in 2017, “I thought the path to restoring liberty and prosperity in America ran through elections. If I could add my voice to others working to sway voters and impact elections, we could elect freedom-loving congressional majorities to turn back the tide of big government and runaway spending.”

But he said, “The Biden administration has actually compromised representative government.”

Promoting his book, “The Puppeteers: The People Who Control the People Who Control America,” he said, “The federal agencies, public schools, professional organizations and unions, the whole field of scientific research and even the index fund managers could all be credibly accused of serving the interests of the Democratic Party.”

He cited the “irony” of the speeches in which Biden “lists his own prescriptions for saving democracy.”

His “calls to action,” Chaffetz wrote, “are almost all decidedly undemocratic.”

He explained, “Think about it. To Save Our Democracy, we are told we must give government a bigger say in which cars we buy, what companies we invest in, what races of job candidates we hire, which demographic groups get targeted for ballot collection, which headlines get labeled as misinformation and what type of medical research gets funded.”

He said the “ruling party” appears intent of governing without obstruction “by pesky voters.”

“Just look at Biden’s March 2021 executive order directing all 600+ federal agencies to help ‘get out the vote.’ The federal government doesn’t run elections – local governments do. But Biden’s order demands agencies tilt the playing field in his party’s favor,” he wrote.

Chaffetz warned Biden’s “puppeteers are putting in place mechanisms that ensure power never really changes hands, regardless of what the voters have to say. Even if voters elect a president from a different party, it could take years for that person to reverse broad programs implemented across the whole federal government.”

Further, Biden is requiring companies “to produce reports documenting their adherence to progressive orthodoxy. They authorize the criminalization of dissent from approved narratives and the surveillance of suspicionless Americans. ” The rules “dictate the hiring of progressive-aligned job candidates, outsource education curriculum development to progressive-aligned teachers unions and privilege federal contracts to those who conform to specific political views.”

The nation is in a “new fight” and that needs to be recognized, he said.

“We have to fight this battle on constitutional grounds. In addition to winning federal elections, we must escalate the work of states and state elected officials to challenge unconstitutional federal power grabs,” he said.

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