Fireworks use and recreational burning banned in the city of Battle Ground

Forecasts indicate that there will be little to no relief from rain between now and Independence Day

The Fire Marshal, in consultation with Fire District 3 and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has issued an order to ban the use of fireworks this 4th of July season in Battle Ground city limits.

The city’s Municipal Code (BGMC 8.30.030) authorizes the Fire Marshal to suspend or ban the discharge of fireworks in consideration of weather related data including current moisture levels, wind speeds, lack of rain, and other fire-related factors. This data, provided by the DNR, is collected and analyzed daily by Fire District 3 and by the Fire Marshal as well as other Clark County fire districts.

To objectively determine if conditions meet an extreme fire danger level, and a ban of fireworks is warranted, the Fire Marshal utilizes DNR data and multiple metrics.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • The burning index – an estimate of the potential difficulty of fire containment
  • Fuel moisture – percentage of water in a fuel
  • Energy Release Component – available energy of fire

An updated report received Monday from the Department of Natural Resources indicates that all three of these indices are at levels that constitute immediate concern.  It is extremely rare for this to occur, and further illustrates the impact that the drought, hot weather, and dry vegetation has had on fire danger in our area.  In addition, forecasts indicate that there will be little to no relief from rain between now and Independence Day.

Due to these safety concerns, recreational burning and campfires have also been banned in city limits, until further notice.  

“This decision was not taken lightly, and we recognize the impact this has on our community and local organizations in their fundraising efforts,’’ read a statement from the city of Battle Ground. “We continue to encourage everyone to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, just without fireworks this year.  We want to thank everyone for our continued partnership in fire prevention.’’

Information provided by city of Battle Ground.

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