Eight more COVID-19 cases in Clark County reported, testing numbers updated

The county says testing data is an undercount of the actual number

CLARK COUNTY — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Clark County ticked upwards again on Wednesday, with eight more testing positive, bringing the total to 258.

The number of fatalities from the outbreak remains at 15.

For the first time since April 3, the state also updated its count of total tests performed. As of April 14, they recorded 2,607 tests.

The county, however, says that count does not include individuals receiving rapid-result testing, or tests done through point of care facilities, such as urgent care clinics.

Legacy Health and The Vancouver Clinic have both announced limited drive-through and point of care testing availability, though a doctor’s referral is still required due to limited testing supplies. PeaceHealth Southwest has said they are still looking into the feasibility of drive-through or point of care testing.

The rate of hospitalization remained unchanged from Tuesday, with 20 people hospitalized due to COVID-19 in Clark County, with seven of those in intensive care.

Statewide, hospitalizations for COVID-19 have remained relatively steady in recent days. As of April 13, with 89 hospitals reporting, there were 645 people hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed cases in Washington state, 194 of those in the ICU. Those numbers have been largely consistent in the past week.

While 62 percent of cases statewide are in people 20-59 years old, all but eight percent of fatalities have been in people over the age of 60, with 80-and-over representing 56 percent of deaths.

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