Effort to prohibit vaccine mandates in Clark County advances with submitting of mini initiative petition

Over 11,505 signatures submitted to county elections staff to prohibit vaccine mandates.

Over 11,505 signatures submitted to county elections staff

Roughly 50 citizens rallied outside the Clark County Public Service building this afternoon in support of a mini initiative petition to stop vaccine mandates in Clark County. They believed in medical freedom of choice over what goes into their bodies.

Rob Anderson began the effort not quite two months ago, believing the forced vaccination mandates from the President Joe Biden and Jay Inslee administrations were illegal and unconstitutional.

“We call on the Clark County Council to ban all mandates within Clark County that discriminate against citizens regarding their health status and or that violate existing rights to health information privacy,” Anderson said as he welcomed the crowd. A table sat on the side where last minute signatures were collected.

Anderson and Vancouver attorney Angus Lee presented 11,505 signed petitions to Cathie Garber, Clark County Elections supervisor, a short time later. Anderson shared the proponents  needed 8,311 signatures for the mini initiative to be valid. After a 30-day window to validate the signatures, the County Council will have 60 days to hold a public meeting, after which the councilors will have a 30-day time limit to make a decision.

Rob Anderson and Rep. Vicki Kraft are in front of a crowd of roughly 50 Clark County citizens. They support medical freedom and oppose the vaccine mandates imposed at both the federal and state levels. They applauded the people for collecting over 11,000 signatures on the mini initiative petition that was submitted to the Clark County Elections Department office a short time later. Photo by John Ley
Rob Anderson and Rep. Vicki Kraft are in front of a crowd of roughly 50 Clark County citizens. They support medical freedom and oppose the vaccine mandates imposed at both the federal and state levels. They applauded the people for collecting over 11,000 signatures on the mini initiative petition that was submitted to the Clark County Elections Department office a short time later. Photo by John Ley

“Citizens in Clark County have united together and said no more mandates,” he said. “We aren’t anti vax, or anti COVID. We’re anti discrimination in tyranny.” He pointedly remarked that one man has caused all the division and harm in Washington state. 

“Governor Jay Inslee has bragged about using COVID for his political ideology,” Anderson said. “And he hasn’t backed down. He hides behind the guise of saving lives, as he is undoubtedly destroying lives.”

The effort began in early October at a local church, touting medical freedom and offering citizens ways to boost their immune system. Volunteers quickly picked up mini initiative petitions, placing them at area businesses and collecting signatures from friends and neighbors.

Anderson quoted the Washington State Constitution. “Political power — all political power is inherent in the people and the governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

“Today, we do not consent to these mandates in tyranny,” he said. “Today, we don’t consent to firing people over what a federal judge just yesterday described as arbitrary and capricious.”

Rep. Vicki Kraft (Republican, 17th District) spoke briefly to the crowd. She applauded the people who had worked hard to collect signatures and defend their rights.

“The Washington and US Constitution guarantee and protect individual rights and freedoms,” she said. “We have seen for way too long now, almost two years, the governor and the majority party’s abuse of the emergency powers to push their agenda and their mandate on people who are not interested in that agenda, and certainly not in putting vaccines into their body.”

Anderson said that over 59 fully vaccinated people in Clark County just in the last few months have died. “Getting vaccinated will not end COVID like the propaganda signs on the freeway say.”

He shared that the volunteers had gotten signatures from people of all political persuasions. They included vaccinated people, unvaccinated people, and people who had recovered from COVID.

Clark County Today asked him what his expectations were when he began the mini initiative effort.

“My expectations were that the community would rally together,” he said. “They would want to exercise what’s been given to them by their Constitution, by their God really. So once they learned, once they were educated, they signed.”

Anderson believes they could gather tens of thousands more signatures, if they had time. “We know that this will be a fight,” he said, noting that many people don’t want to see it succeed. “But they’re outnumbered. I believe that the vast majority of people would sign this if we gave them time.”

The summary statement on the petition reads as follows:

AN ORDINANCE prohibiting all mandates within Clark County that discriminate against citizens regarding their health status and or that violates existing rights to health information privacy.  

Read more here and here and here.


  1. Rhonda Gibson

    I am so in favor of this. I’ve been isolating for two years. I can’t get the vaccine and it causes breathing problems to wear a mask. I didn’t get out to sign the petition but I did send an email to all councilors.
    I hope the petition works. Kudos to all who worked on the petition.

  2. Scott Hooper

    Note that we ALL have 100% freedom of medical choice, and nobody–and I mean nobody–has ever challenged that. Not the U.S. Government, nor any State, County or Municipality in America.

    All some are requiring is that if you wish to work in an environment where your vaccine status may put others’ lives at risk, you are required to be vaccinated to hold that position.

    How could anybody disagree with that? It’s the strictest and simplest form of common sense.

    I know some people believe the virus is fake, that the vaccine doesn’t work or that it’s dangerous, and that Trump won the election he was squarely trounced in, but we shouldn’t waste our time with such nonsense. Some media outlets are flat out lying to people, and there isn’t much we can do about it but step beyond and continue to follow the truth and our own convictions to work together to end this pandemic and save our neighbors lives.

    1. Barnsnob

      The vaccine is for personal protection, it doesn’t stop spread. Remote workers are also being forced to get jabbed, how does that make sense? How has being “obedient “ helped? It’s only made things worse because power grabbing politicians won’t give up the control!

    2. Kelly

      How can anyone disagree???
      my body my choice!
      My rights don’t STOP where your fear begins.. if your afraid.. STAY HOME…
      where there is RISK there must be choice..

      No one wants to talk about the averse side effects or deaths listed on VAERS! Why not???
      We are over 19,000 deaths and over 900,000 Adverse reactions and many are permanently disabled!! Not to mention 57 people in Clark county died from covid that were double vaxed!

      I will not put a jab in my body that took only 8 months to developed when normally vaccines take 7 to 10 years because they need to look at long-term side effects.
      We have had other vaccines shut down after just 25 deaths, We have far surpass that now! Why is this pushed so hard when we have treatments that will work but the Government is keeping these from us! Why? Because you can’t continue to push The vaccine if there’s treatments that cure the illness.. You have to be asleep not to see what is happening here. The Bible says “my people will perish from a lack of knowledge” there is A lot of doctors speaking out against this..if you continue to stay asleep than, I guess that is your choice. Get the jab if you want it but don’t force it down our throats, that don’t want it!

      This is a bio weapon, with a 99.8 percent survival rate for most. I will trust in God and use common sense and take care of my own Health thank you!

    3. Gary Rust

      Scott Hooper (real name?) do you even live in Clark County? Regardless, your lack of knowledge is showing. You’re what’s referred to as a flamer:

      Learn to pronounce

      1. 1. 
      3. a person who directs a vitriolic or abusive message at someone on the internet or via email.
    4. Kelly

      It’s not FREEDOM if you get fired for not wanting to put a EUA JAB in your body! The vaccines or better known as bio weapons, do not keep you from getting Covid.. their claim is..”if you get covid, you won’t have it very bad or end up in the hospital.” Transmission of Covid is still possible even if your vaccinated. There has been 57 people in Clark County that were double vaccinated that have died after contracting Covid. And many more in the hospital. “Not being reported”

      Where there is RISK there must be choice!
      VAERS have reported over 19,000 people have died from the vaccine (jab) and over 900,000 have had adverse side effects and many of them them permanently disabled!

      There has been other vaccines that have been shut down because 25 people have died, and we are way beyond that now and we’re still pushing these vaccines! WHY??? We have things like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and Regeneron that help fight this but the Government is blocking these.. WHY???
      did you know you can not mandate a vaccine if there are medication‘s that cure the illness…follow the MONEY!!!

      The Bible says “my people will perish from a lack of knowledge”.wake up or possibly die. There are many Dr.s speaking out against these jabs including Doctor Robert Malone the inventor of the mNRA vaccine. Just do your homework and turn off the news!

      “My body my choice”
      I will put my faith in God and not live in fear..

    5. Jane Doolittle

      The only one on this post that makes any sense. Vaccinations are science not politics! Amazing how uninformed so many of you are. What right does anyone have to expose others to a harmful virus that could cause death or a lifetime of problems.

      1. Born in Washington

        What right does anyone have to force others to take an experimental jab, that didn’t even fit the definition of a vaccine prior to them changing the rules, that could and has caused death and lifetime health problems. Freedom from medical tyranny.

  3. Cheryl

    Excellent for the people in Clark County!!!! I applaud your efforts to stand up for our constitutional rights. Finally!! People with a spine.

  4. Anthony Lynch

    I am vaccinated and got the booster a week ago because I believe the vaccine works. I also signed this petition because everyone should decide for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated and I don’t think this should just apply to the covid vaccine.

  5. Democrats are Evil

    Refreshing to see people with common sense and some cajoles get up and finally say what needs to be said about this unconstitutional and clear abuse of power by Tyrants like Pedo Joe Bitem and Lord of the Flies Inslee. Let’s hope the rest of Washington State wakes up from their blue blood stained Jim Jones cool aid stupor and kick out the commies in Olympia and get this once productive state great again.

  6. John miller

    This is America…we are free…the government doesn’t get to tell us what we have to put in our bodies. Anyone who can’t see that these types on mandates are completely unconstitutional doesn’t know anything about this country or it’s founding principles. The Constitution of the United States is not just null and void because of a flu virus with a 99+% survival rate…this has never been about your health…it’s all about control and we aren’t playing this game anymore!!

    1. HARLYN

      I’ve been an RN for 26 years. I am PROUD to stand up for THE RIGHTS of all of WE THE PEOPLE. I met so many fully vaxxed people through this process! Most of whom said they chose that option to keep their job as needing to support their family. Although they opted in, they support their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to CHOOSE. We are endowed by our creator and it’s NOT THE GOVERNMENT!! 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸 My GRANDCHILDREN will one day truly understand my determination to stand up for their RIGHTS. To put THEM FIRST above the FEAR. I had Covid and it was rough, but I survived with early treatment. Why wait until you can’t breathe to do something about it? Education (lack of it, is what is wreaking havoc). People who want to live in FEAR have that choice. EMPOWER FREEDOM! Live your best life!!! Let’s talk! ❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  7. Jim Luce

    This initiative may build the Madore/Right Wing GOP base but it is without legal merit. Clark County, thank God, is not an island governed by signers of this petition.

      1. Craig

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