Dr. Peter McCullough: Pilot’s heart attack after COVID shot fits ‘pattern’

An American Airlines pilot who suffered cardiac arrest six minutes after landing an Airbus A321 jetliner with 200 people aboard at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport blames the COVID-19 shot his company required employees to get.

American Airlines captain charges FAA, airlines, feds ‘covering it up’

Art Moore
WND News Center

An American Airlines pilot who suffered cardiac arrest six minutes after landing an Airbus A321 jetliner with 200 people aboard at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport blames the COVID-19 shot his company required employees to get.

Proving the cause is difficult, but Captain Robert Snow’s case does fit a pattern, said Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist and critic of the COVID vaccines who practices in Dallas. McCullough was one of the physicians who attended the pilot at the Baylor Scott and White Health Center in Dallas after the April 9 incident.

After Snow’s heart stopped and he became unconscious while parked at a gate, the pilot was removed from the plane and woke up in the ICU. Later, from his hospital room, he recorded a video (embedded at the end of the article) in which he described being forced to take the vaccine, which he fears has ended his flying career.

McCullough, in an interview Thursday with Newsmax host Eric Bolling (beginning at 17:45), said there are methods being developed to determine whether or not heart inflammation or a heart attack was caused by a COVID vaccine.

The physician said that with more than 200 papers published on myocarditis in relationship to the vaccines, “the MRI pattern is starting to become clear.”

Regarding Snow, McCullough said that in the absence of coronary disease, “there is no other explanation.”

“The MRI pattern is consistent,” he said. “Indeed, it may have been vaccine-induced myocarditis with a late manifestation of cardiac death.”

McCullough said the scientific studies show that such cardiac events typically happen within a few weeks of the first COVID-19 shot and are “really amplified” after shot two. Snow received the two-shot Moderna vaccine, which along with Pfizer BioNTech uses the mRNA technology.

‘It is happening’

Joining McCullough in the interview were two other well known critics of the COVID-19 vaccines, critical care physician Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Robert Malone, the key inventor of the mRNA platform used in the Pfizer and Moderna shots.

Kory said the case of the American Airlines pilot “certainly fits the pattern we are seeing.”

He pointed to the entries of myocarditis in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System, known as VAERS, and the approximately 700 reported incidents of apparently healthy athletes suffering cardiac arrest.

Federal officials have downplayed the validity of entries in the VAERS system, which was established by Congress to provide alerts to safety issues missed by the clinical trials. But even CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has acknowledged the data is “vetted.” Some 80% of the entries come from physicians, according to McCullough, false entries are punishable by prison and duplicates are removed. The latest data from VAERS regarding the COVID vaccines shows 38,605 cases of myocarditis, 13,819 heart attacks, 26,976 deaths and 149,527 hospitalizations.

“We are definitely seeing in all these age groups that are getting mandated vaccines, we’re seeing cardiac arrest,” Kory said.

“You see these temporal associations,” he continued. “They get the vaccine, and oftentimes the same day or the next day – that’s the highest preponderance of these events – you’re seeing patients found dead in their bed. They’re having strokes, they’re having heart attacks and also this huge rise in myocarditis.”

In the instance of the American Airlines pilot, Kory said, “it’s certainly possible it’s the vaccine, but on an individual case it’s hard to be definitive.”

“But it’s a good example of what could happen, because it is happening, and we have the data on it.

See McCullough’s remarks:

Pilot Frost DFW cardiac arrest after landing commercial plane has generated discussion about potential late manifestations of myocarditis. @ericbolling @newsmax @Covid19Critical @RobertmaloneMD1 pic.twitter.com/8smfvh0DWl

— Peter McCullough, MD MPH (@P_McCulloughMD) April 22, 2022

Last month, a former adviser to the FDA commissioner who continues to serve in an oversight role said the agency is ignoring its requirement to disclose clear safety and efficacy problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Also in March, an Army flight surgeon testified in federal court that she was ordered by high-level command not to discuss the controversy over Department of Defense data indicating a massive spike in serious injuries and illnesses among military personnel when the vaccines were rolled out in 2021. And, among many other safety signals, an analysis of CDC data by a former Wall Street executive an an insurance industry expert shows an alarming rise in excess deaths among Millennials over the past year amid the COVID vaccine rollout.

In April, the Food and Drug Administration released a briefing document that says the composition of the current COVID-19 vaccines might need to be changed to ensure high levels of protection.

‘Under duress’

In the video from his hospital room, Yoder said other pilots have suffered adverse events from the shots, “but the airlines, the unions, the FAA, and the Department of Transportation are covering it up.”

“They don’t want you to know the truth,” he contended. “There’s going to be accountability, not just at American, but across all airlines. They’re all being sued for what they’ve done to us, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Snow said he received the vaccine “under duress.”

Raising his hospital gown to reveal defibrillation pads on his chest, he said, “This is what the vaccine has done for me.”

Snow said the FAA, because of its health requirements, likely will not let him fly again.

“I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly. She wants to be a pilot. And now that will probably never happen. All courtesy of the vaccine,” he said.

“This is unacceptable, and I am one of the victims,” Snow said. “You can see that this is the actual result of the vaccine for some of us. Mandatory, no questions asked. Get the shot or you’re fired.”

Many airline pilots were able to keep their jobs without being vaccinated by getting an exemption, thanks to a group called US Freedom Flyers and the legal consultation of the non-profit advocacy group Liberty Counsel.

The head of US Freedom Flyers, Joshua Yoder, said in a statement that the “near miss” in Snow’s case “is a direct result of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) overlooking their own safety regulations for brazenly political purposes.”

He said the FAA, by mandating the shots, has “abdicated its mission” to “provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.”


  1. blank

    With increasing evidence of the serious adverse effects of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, why is it that so many still continue to obey these inhumane mandates? Scientists like Dr Malone, Dr McCullough, Dr Kory are not dis- or mis-informants; they are honest people who are generously sharing their medical knowledge. They have nothing to gain by doing this. Appreciate it!
    Assess the data with an open mind.
    It is so obvious that the risks and disbenefits far outweigh any benefits.
    Do we still live in a democratic country?

    1. blank

      Those Dr.’s you mentioned are stellar and live by the Hippocratic oath, The medical professionals in major hospitals are definitely seeing more deaths, but they cover it all up due to the money they are given. It’s all about money and it’s wrong! People are dying and having heart issues along with other issues !

      1. blank

        Thank you, susiedb, for your rational comments. It is quite shocking that, despite taking the Hippocratic Oath of “Primum non Nocere”, so many have become addicted to money and power. The callous attitude towards those who have been negatively impacted by the mRNA vaccine is utterly inhumane and unethical. We can only hope that more people will start to think objectively and see the deceitful narrative for what it really is.

        1. blank

          This video, like millions of others since January, 2021 are being deleted as soon as they can be posted. The MSM is compliant in the biggest medical cover up in history.

      2. blank
        Scott W.

        I’d say it’s more than money, it’s a fanatical adherence to ideology on the part of public health tyrants. Doctors have to keep their mouths shut or risk losing their ability to practice medicine.

  2. blank
    David Sandidge

    Back in 2020 when the vaccine farce was just beginning, I woke up one night at about 0200 out of a dream in which the Lord clearly told me that I needed to get closer to him than I had ever been before in my life. In my mind I “heard” him tell me this, and I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of Philia love for God; my trust in him was beyond question, immeasurable. The very next morning I was overcome with an insatiable appetite for the Psalms. I had never really gotten into the Psalms before, but I have found that I can’t get enough of them ever since that dream. I first was drawn to Psalms about God’s protection for believers. And the first one I came to was Psalm 91; it has been my mantra for the past two years. It put my mind at ease about my decision concerning the vaccine.

  3. blank
    Matthew Sheehan

    Follow the money people Pharma are making bank , the government and the media is protecting these people it’s treason , it’s against what America believes. “SICKENING “big box store tried this shit on its employees! Thank GOD I retired! ID RATHER HAVE LESS MONEY IN MY POCKET THAN WORK !!!! Pissed off Marine

  4. blank

    The pilot was vaccinated in November and the cardiac arrest was five months later. Myocarditis is painful. If he didn’t feel it during the five months between the shot and the cardiac arrest, it wasn’t the shot.

  5. blank
    Auntie Warhol

    ‘Silent’ ischemic heart disease is the cause of unforeseen episodes of unconsciousness, confusion, amnesia and sudden death in pilots, by far the most important clinical problem in aviation medicine.
    Study from 1968


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