Discussions of censorship are … CENSORED!

David Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is charging that the organization's discussions about censorship were … censored.
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Video corporation kills release of critical information about online schemes

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Censorship has been a big industry in the past few years. The Biden administration was sued, and a federal judge likened its actions to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” in a lawsuit that now is pending before the Supreme Court.

Multiple Biden agencies had had direct channels to various foundations and such. The administration would let the foundations know what they didn’t like, and those foundations would lobby social media companies for complete censorship.

Various leftist corporations routinely suppress conservative, Christian and patriotic statements. Sometimes there’s no warning, just a black page.

Now David Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is charging that the organization’s discussions about censorship were … censored.

In a column appearing at the Gatestone Institute, he explained a conference was held that included various such discussions.

He said after the organization’s “Restoration Weekend” featuring multiple speakers and panelists, the sessions were uploaded to Vimeo.

“On Monday morning, I began hearing that all of our videos had suddenly disappeared,” he noted.

“A conservative on the internet is always one thought away from being censored. And the David Horowitz Freedom Center has been banned many times before because we had taken on issues and hosted figures who challenged the leftist culture of lies. With no information from Vimeo as to why we had been censored, the Center’s team could only speculate what woke dogma we had violated that hurt the tender feelings of the boys on the 10th floor in Manhattan,” he explained.

“Was it our panels and remarks about Islamic terrorism? YouTube had previously come after us to suppress Robert Spencer’s magnificent exposés of the ideology of terror and death. Had it been John Eastman’s stunning elucidation of the stolen presidential election after receiving his Annie Taylor award? Simone Gold’s presentation on medical fascism? Yeomi Park’s story contrasting her life in North Korea with the Maoism of college campuses? Heather Mac Donald’s debunking of affirmative action? When Vimeo finally got back to us, it turned out to be the Babylon Bee.”

During the conference Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon stunningly had explained how his publication named Rachel Levine, a transgender, a man living as a woman, Joe Biden’s HHS secretary, “Man of the Year.”

“According to Vimeo, Dillon’s discussion about being censored over the ‘Man of the Year’ joke had gotten the David Horowitz Freedom Center banned. A year after Twitter was ridiculed and then taken over for classifying Babylon Bee’s humor as hate speech, Vimeo sent out a letter announcing ‘Seth Dillon – The Babylon Bee was removed for Hate Speech.’ The letter refused to name anything hateful that had been said or to specify what in the talk triggered the ban,” Greenfield explained.

Dillon had discussed various forms of censorship.

One, Greenfield reported, apparently is “Big Tech censored a discussion about the censorship of the joke. When we post this article, we risk being censored for discussing the censorship of the censorship of that joke.”

He noted the “infinite kafkaesque censorship of any mention of the censorship takes it to a new level.”

He said, “The same woke culture that holds festivities of bestselling child porn for the hypocritical orgy of its ‘Banned Books Week’ relentlessly censors any dissent and even the existence of its censorship. Then it turns around and claims that laws in Texas and Florida that ban government censorship of speech are impinging on the free speech rights of the government to censor you.”

“The reason they don’t want you to say that Rachel Levine is ‘Man of the Year’ is because they don’t want you to say that Rachel Levine is a man, they don’t want you to say what’s true,” Dillon explained at the Restoration Weekend. “They don’t want you to say that 2 and 2 make 4. They want you to say that 2 and 2 make 5. And one of the most powerful things that we can do is to refuse to go along with that nonsense.”

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  1. David

    Michael Shellenberger has exposed Renee KiResta as the key architect behind the Censorship Industrial Complex.
    Her title is Stanford Internet Observatory director, but she is CFR, connected to the CIA and was research director at New Knowledge LLC, that created thousands of fake “Russian bots”, and also used other disinformation tactics to alter the outcome of a local election.
    DiResta’s reputation was not destroyed by this revelation. Instead, she’s been elevated to more prominent “disinformation expert” positions.

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security created the EIP and outsourced what would otherwise be illegal and unconstitutional censorship to it. In 2021, the EIP was rebranded as the Virality Project, at which point the information being censored shifted from elections to that of COVID-related matters, including factual information about the COVID jabs and their potential dangers.

    See more on Michael Shellenberger substack April 3, 2023 


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