County plans wildfire fuel reduction efforts

DNR wildfire suppression operating base at Camp Bonneville approved by county along with plans for wildfire reduction efforts.
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DNR wildfire suppression operating base at Camp Bonneville approved

VANCOUVER – For the sixth consecutive year, the Clark County Council approved an interlocal agreement with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) allowing them to establish a forward operating base for wildfire response operations. The agreement allows for space at Camp Bonneville for one helicopter, a fuel truck and building space for seven crew members. The operations will assist in DNR’s efforts to improve wildfire response time in the area. The full agreement is available at

Beginning in May, Clark County’s sustainable forestry program will be reducing wildfire fuels at Camp Bonneville by conducting slash pile burns. DNR approved a two-year permit to burn up to 10 slash piles. The county’s sustainable timber harvest practices generate woody debris, known as slash. Slash is disposed of to reduce available fire fuels and to clear an area for restoration planting. Slash piles are burned with the adjacent forests are moist and fire risk is low. Burning will not take place if winds exceed 15 mph or the relative humidity is below 30. 

The county will also stage a charged hose line that can reach all piles, provide a water truck to wet areas around piles, construct fire breaks around each pile, and patrol fires daily until they are completely extinguished. No more than two piles will be burned simultaneously. Before any burning, the county will notify neighbors, DNR, the Southwest Clean Air Agency, the Vancouver Fire Department and East County Fire and Rescue. Signs posted at the entrance to the camp, which is closed to the public, will note burning dates. Burning dates and additional information will be posted at

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Information provided by Clark Co. WA Communications.

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