Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler helps secure Vancouver Police Department request to fund body-worn and in-car cameras

The camera lens for the body cams tested is right in the middle of the work vest for Ilia Botvinnik of Vancouver Police. Photo by Paul Valencia
The camera lens for the body cams tested is right in the middle of the work vest for Ilia Botvinnik of Vancouver Police. Photo by Paul Valencia

U.S. House approves FY22 Appropriations bill, includes funds to equip Vancouver police force with body-worn and in-car cameras

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler
Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler today announced she secured $1.5 million to support the Vancouver Police Department by providing 250 body-worn cameras for police officers and equipping 100 police patrol vehicles with in-car cameras. Body-worn and in-car cameras are supported by the city of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Department.

As a senior member of the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, Herrera Beutler worked with the city of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department last year to support their request and helped secure the funds in the FY22 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill, which was included in the funding package approved by the full U.S. House of Representatives this week. The package is expected to receive Senate consideration in the coming days.

“As law enforcement continues to seek opportunities to build trust and transparency with our communities, receiving this funding is very helpful as the Vancouver Police Department moves closer to implementing our Police Camera Program.  Our community has asked for police cameras for a while now.  We are grateful for Representative Herrera Beutler and Senator Cantwell’s support in securing this funding for us.  This makes the next steps in our process assured and easier,” Vancouver Chief of Police James McElvain said.

“Body-worn and in-car cameras have become a useful tool for our police officers to safely and effectively protect citizens. I’m pleased to have worked with the Vancouver Police Department to advocate for this funding which will both aid officers and increase transparency,” Herrera Beutler said.

“Like many communities across the country, Vancouver is working to address concerns about police accountability, transparency, and trust in local law enforcement. That work led us to create the Community Task Force on Policing, which includes a broad cross section of stakeholders, and identified a police camera program as a critical element to building trust between local law enforcement and the community. I want to thank Congresswoman Herrera Beutler and Senator Cantwell for recognizing the hard work our community has put into this effort and for showing their commitment to our efforts by securing a federal investment that will allow us to implement our new police camera program,” Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle said.

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Rob Amderson
8 months ago

So, basically she sold us out and saddles our children and their children with more out-of-control debt spending to ultimately buy votes by fooling people into thinking that she is rep’ing the people and cares about the issues of the community that she spends very little time in. Got it.

Theresa Garcia
Theresa Garcia
8 months ago
Reply to  Rob Amderson

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Last edited 8 months ago by Theresa Garcia
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