Clark County Today presents ‘Our School’ project

A daily series to highlight Clark County’s high schools, what makes them special, as told by students.

A celebration of area high schools, from the perspective of student leaders

The local high school is so much more than a place to learn.

The high school is an integral part of its community and/or its neighborhood.

The high school hosts the big game. It hosts the emotional play. 

It holds the beautiful concerts, with students performing their instruments while others burst out in song.

During the day, teachers, administrators, and staff work as a team in an effort to give their best for the best of our future, the students.

There are campaigns and class elections. There are pep rallies and other assemblies. There are clubs. In our schools, they are all presented in hopes of bringing out the good in everyone.

This six-week closure of schools due the pandemic has made many appreciate all that the local high school does for all of us.

Beginning today, Clark County Today will begin a special series, highlighting area high schools — from the perspective of its students. 

The goal is to feature one school every day, at 1 p.m. each day beginning with Columbia River High School today.

At the same time, we want to remind our readers that while our lives will be forever changed due to the pandemic, our schools will remain a place to learn, to gather, to unite us.

The mission of “Our School” was to talk to student leaders from each school. They were given a series of questions. But the main theme was simply this: What makes your high school so special?

We hope their answers will inspire you as they inspired us.

See the project here: