Clark County Sheriff’s Office provides summary of activity for the Nakia Creek Fire

Nakia Creek Fire. Photo courtesy Cade Barker/Barker Photography
Nakia Creek Fire. Photo courtesy Cade Barker/Barker Photography

As homes were evacuated, CCSO’s efforts turned toward protecting the properties and residences within the evacuation zones

The following is a summary of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) activities in support of the fight to contain and extinguish the Nakia Creek Fire between Oct. 16-Oct. 21.

Beginning on Sun., Oct. 16, with the activation of the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) Emergency Operation Center (EOC), CCSO assigned a commander and a sergeant to staff the EOC and help with emergency planning and evacuation operations. As evacuations expanded, CCSO called in additional staff to assist with making notifications and evacuating those in the affected areas. This included activating Clark County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (CCSOSAR) volunteers. CCSOSAR contacted over 600 homes in the level 1 and level 2 evacuation zones. This was in addition to CRESA’s efforts to make notifications by sending out public alerts. 

As homes were evacuated, CCSO’s efforts turned toward protecting the properties and residences within the evacuation zones. Unfortunately, from watching other natural disaster events across the nation, CCSO officials knew that evacuated areas would become targets for those individuals looking to take advantage of this unfortunate event by burglarizing and stealing items from vacant residences.

A total of 31 patrol personnel and two commanders volunteered to work additional hours to safeguard the area by working to deny access to the evacuation zones and patrol those areas. These staff logged more than 500 hours working in the areas under evacuation.

A total of 88 calls for service in the area were generated. These were a mixture of self-initiated activities like field contacts and traffic stops and responding to 9-1-1 calls from citizens or requests to assist firefighters.

Deputies made four arrests in the evacuated areas. Two for Residential Burglary and Theft charges, one on a District Court Warrant, and one on Probable Cause for a previous incident of Theft of a Motor Vehicle. 

Three residences reported burglaries during the listed timeframe and there were two online reports of theft of items from porches or around residences. On Fri., Oct. 21 the area evacuations were lifted in the residential areas and the responsibility for the area was turned back over to CCSO patrol staff. 

“We were humbled by the support shown to CCSO by area residents. We want to thank the firefighters, DNR, and Oregon Department of Forestry for all their efforts to help get the fire under control and allow residents to return to their homes,’’ read a statement issued by the CCSO.. 

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. Brett

    Thanks to these officers who in some cases worked without pay to help ensure that evacuated homes weren’t left to the undesirable folks who would steal. God bless you!


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