Clark County Sheriff’s Office investigating suspicious death at hospital

Clark County Sheriff’s Office investigating suspicious death at hospital. An unresponsive male was dropped off at the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Emergency Room entrance.
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An unresponsive male was dropped off at the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Emergency Room entrance

On Friday (March 10) at around 4:57 a.m., personnel from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital for a suspicious circumstances call. Sheriff deputies arrived and found that an unresponsive male had been dropped off at the Emergency Room (ER) entrance to the hospital.

A pick-up truck arrived at the ER and summoned several medical personnel to assist. Hospital staff reported that there was an unresponsive male in the driver seat and there was another male who appeared to be driving the vehicle from the passenger seat of the truck. As soon as the hospital staff had gotten the unresponsive male out of the driver’s seat and into the hospital, the other male got in the truck and drove away.

The unresponsive male was declared deceased at the hospital. The identity is not being released pending notification to family members. 

Due to the suspicious nature of the call, the Clark County Major Crimes Unit (MCU) was called to the scene to investigate. They are continuing the investigation.

Further updates will be made as more information becomes available.

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. Brian Smith

    Unfortunately, I’m the person that took this gentleman to the hospital and under the circumstances I don’t really know any other thing I should’ve done, but take him to the hospital as I did and I had no business at the hospital. I don’t have any family ties to this gentleman , they aren’t going to disclose anything to me .so i went to contact his family and return his property to his family. That’s what I needed to do. 
       I don’t know why the police are even involved. They need to do an autopsy and then if a crime was committed then do an investigation. There was no crime committed here by taking someone to the hospital is not a crime and they don’t need to make it seem like it is. then when they attempted one time to contact me( as seen in pic of text message below) and I
    didn’t respond promptly . There was no urgency in the message. I can’t tell them what he died from from the ask the they put out a witchhunt on the news. now my friends family has to go through this every time they get on the TV , internet Or see a paper, they have to re-go through this horrific situation again and again and think possibe things that aren’t true about the situaton , for what ?how is that making it any better? It’s not bringing my friend back as their dad or husband .just making them think about the thing that you try not to remember…don’t understand the police or the hospitals motives . I told them. I was going to tell the family. when I left . It’s a waste of taxpayers money cops should be reprimanded for wasting our time and tax dollars…
    The media just play along as well at who’s expense the family’s let them grieve. the. Police need quit trying to use this to justify the need for more cops.go investigate a crime not a Good Samaritan. 


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