Clark County Sheriff’s deputies arrest suspect in arson and burglary incident

The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Anthony Freeze

Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a burglary and arson suspect Sunday.

On Sunday (June 12) at about 5:36 p.m., deputies responded to 2417 NE 107th Street for a burglary call.  The homeowner called to report a person being barricaded in the backyard utility shed setting something on fire.  The homeowner had called in a burglary call a short time earlier after coming home to find the garage ransacked. 

Photo courtesy Clark County Sheriff’s Office
Photo courtesy Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Upon arrival, deputies could clearly hear a person inside the small shed.  Numerous verbal challenges were made ordering the person to exit the shed. There was no compliance from the suspect.  

Smoke started coming through the door cracks and then eventually flames.  Heavy smoke began to come from the shed when the suspect then finally broke the door open to get out.  The shed was fully engulfed in flames and the lone male suspect refused to walk away from it.  

The suspect kept picking up items from the shed which could be used as weapons to include a torch and metal spike.  He did not make any threats towards first responders. The suspect made numerous statements which made no sense and also began dragging burning items from the shed, further complicating the event.  A tree under the shed also caught on fire, spreading flames dangerously close to two homes. 

Clark County Fire District 6 responded and was able to apply water to the burning materials and keep the fire from spreading to the two homes in close proximity.  The suspect was eventually taken into custody without force being used.  Upon initial contact, the man appeared to be having mental issues, or under the influence of drugs, or both.  He said his name was “John Conner” and his mother was “Sarah Conner,” a reference from the Terminator movies. 

The suspect was in possession of items from a neighboring home which was burglarized earlier in the day. Deputies had already taken a report from that incident but did not have any suspect information. 

The suspect was transported to the hospital for medical evaluation for possible injuries to include smoke inhalation.  The suspect was eventually identified as 36-year-old Anthony Freeze.  Deputies had contact with Freeze in previous days and found he had a Department of Corrections escape warrant for his arrest, but could not take him into custody due to current booking trends.

Ten deputies and a fire crew were on scene for this event for approximately 30 minutes to get to this successful resolve. 

Freeze was booked into the jail and will be charged with a variety of crimes to include: Burglary, Arson, and Malicious Mischief. 

Information provided by Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

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