Clark County adds 19 more COVID-19 cases over the weekend

Hospitalization rates show the state may be trending in the right direction

CLARK COUNTY — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Clark County rose by 19 over the weekend, reaching 296 total. No new deaths were reported, with the toll remaining at 16.

Statewide, as of Saturday, there were 11,790 confirmed cases and 634 deaths connected to the outbreak. The number of confirmed cases declined by 190 on Sunday, as the state public health department conducted “data cleaning,” removing confirmed cases that were determined to be individuals who lived outside of the state.

Testing results continue to lag behind the total number conducted, but show a statewide 8.5 percent positive test rate. 

Hospitalization rates continue to fall, down to 586 on Friday, the last day with more than 80 hospitals reporting data. That is down from a high of 645 on April 13. The number of people in intensive care has remained fairly close to 200 for the past week.

In Clark County, around 1 percent of emergency room visits, and 1 percent of hospital admissions were for cases involving symptoms similar to COVID-19. That number is the lowest since mid-March, when the total was closer to 3 percent.

The number of people hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 cases in Clark County is 21, a slight increase from last week, but only five are in intensive care, which is a drop from nine earlier last week.

Women continue to be impacted more than men, with 176 of the 296 confirmed cases, though 14 of the 16 deaths have been of men.

Demographically, the bulk of confirmed cases have been in people between 40 and 49 years old.

Age CasesDeaths
19 and younger70
20-29 years330
30-39 years340
40-49 years621
50-59 years500
60-69 years532
70-79 years244
80 and older339

NOTE: Going forward, Clark County Today has made the editorial decision to post case updates online on Mondays and Fridays, with exceptions made for large jumps in cases or breaking news. We will continue to post daily totals on our Facebook page.