Chinese virologist says COVID-19 was ‘intentionally released’

‘Of course, it was not an accident’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A Chinese virologist says the COVID-19 pandemic that killed millions around the world was the result of an intentional release by the Chinese Communist Party.

Dr. Li Meng Yan was interviewed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson following an announcement from the U.S. Energy Department that concluded the virus likely came from a Chinese lab working on viruses in Wuhan.

She had earlier, as far back as 2020, warned about where the coronavirus came from, and on Monday said the report from the DOE was a “milestone achievement.”

“Of course, it was not an accident,” she told Carlson.

She had said in September 2020 that the Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the worldwide disaster.

Now, Fox reported she said, “Maybe for people who don’t have this kind of biosafety lab three or four [years] experience on coronavirus, maybe it’s easy for them to accept the accident lab leak.

“However, I’m a scientist, working in [a] research lab using coronavirus. And I can tell you, based on the print protocol and also the other surveillance system, it would be impossible for the lab leak [to] accidentally happen in such [a] lab and cause the Wuhan outbreak and also the pandemic,” Yan said.

She continued, “So definitely now we just reached the first step. It was from China’s lab, and we need to pursue the truth of origin, and we need to keep going on.”

She explained the evidence she has reviewed and her sources all suggest the virus was “intentionally brought out of this strict lab and released in the community.”

But she said the problem exploded out of control because the “CCP government and the military scientists underestimated the transmissibility.”

She said, “That’s why finally it got out of control and the cost [was] a local outbreak. However, we should know that [the] CCP government intentionally let it go all over the world to kill millions of people all over the world later.”

Yan fled from her position in the Hong Kong School of Public Health in April 2020 when she started noticing the “growing number” of cases coming out of mainland China that involved human-to-human transmission.

She reported she had been warned about her comments. “We’ll be disappeared,” she said.

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