Cancers erupting in ways ‘never before seen’ following COVID shots

Another possible side effect of those COVID-19 shots demanded for Americans by many governments and employers during the pandemic has shown up, and it's not good.

Dr. Harvey Risch suspects patients’ immune systems compromised

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

Another possible side effect of those COVID-19 shots demanded for Americans by many governments and employers during the pandemic has shown up, and it’s not good.

It’s that cancers are “occurring in excess,” Dr. Harvey Risch explained in a report by the Epoch Times.

He’s professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.

He appeared recently on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” and explained that clinicians have been observing “very strange things.”

For example, he said, there have been “25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease – that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works…”

And there are other “latency” cancers being seen.

He explained cancers usually take time to develop, from two years to 30 years.

But that’s changed, and he observed, “There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens.”

The physician described cancer as something a healthy human body can fight with ordinary immunity.

But if that system is compromised, cancer can advance.

He said during the interview, “That’s the mechanism I think is most likely here. We know that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who have taken them.”

He warned that those whose systems are compromised also could be subject to other infectious diseases, too.

“Those are the initial signals that we’ve been seeing, and because these cancers have been occurring to people who were too young to get them, basically, compared to the normal way it works, they’ve been designated as turbo cancers,” he explained.

“Some of these cancers are so aggressive that between the time that they’re first seen and when they come back for treatment after a few weeks, they’ve grown dramatically compared to what oncologists would have expected for the way cancer normally progresses.”

He also disclosed that while medical agencies claim the effects of the COVID shots only appear after about two weeks, “serious adverse events after receiving the vaccine have occurred within the first four days.”

Risch explained to EpochTV that means many of the adverse effects are being recorded as happening to “unvaccinated,” despite the facts.

He expressed concern that even thought the risk of an adverse reaction to a shot is relatively low, when hundreds of millions of people have been given the injections, the case number can rise dramatically.

And he said with the combination of existing immunities, and the more mild strains of COVID now appearing, “There is no reason for people to be vaccinated now, to any degree.

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  1. Layla

    Get this news over to Jay ‘WEF tool’ Inslee. This is the real pandemic. He is responsible, even though he will gaslight you and tell you he never forced anyone. You had a choice: Work and feed your family OR refuse and be terminated.

    LOTT Clean Water Alliance fired four employees over the jabs back in November 2021, although they never announced it and never posted the jab requirement on their website or job postings. They simply fired people because a few at the top were angry over non-compliance with Inslee’s orders. The current director Matt Kennelly volunteered at clinics where he aided in administering the clot jabs. They denied religious exemptions and bribed, shamed, and coerced their employees under the leadership of then director Mike Strub, and with the assistance of HR supervisor Erin Michael. Unjabbed employees had to wear masks while unjabbed did not, as a tool for shaming obviously. Lisa Denis-Perez, Brian Topolski, and Ken Butti (now retired) agreed with the decisions.

    Brian Topolski, the engineering director, was ready to disown his own son Peter Topolski, who was living with him at the time, and threatened to throw him and his family on the streets due to his refusal to be jabbed and his distrust of the government. When his son somehow got an exemption from his government employer here in WA, he was relieved. Nevertheless he’s happy to have others fired, as long as it’s not his own family. Sutton Brown, the maintenance supervisor also agreed with the mandates. He made sure his children were jabbed up. Ken Butti, retired operations director was quoted as saying, ” you are all replaceable.” Ken, who was never seen actually working by anyone ever, spent most of 2020 and 2021 sending covid updates, constantly wiping down surfaces, spraying disinfectants, and monitoring the ridiculous 6-foot distancing guidelines. Thurston County commissioner Tye Menser admitted in a LOTT board meeting in August 2021 that the jabs did not stop transmission or contraction. In that same sentence, he voiced his agreement with jab mandates anyway. Why?

    Finally, with many of the LOTT employees still holding out in August 2021, they threatened them with their jobs. They eventually fired 4 people right before the holidays, but let a pregnant woman remain under employment with no jab requirement (or at least allowed her to wait). Operators who asked questions of their supervisors were shamed by fellow operators and their supervisor as morons and “conspiracy theorists.”

    LOTT, the wastewater heroes.


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