A Snow Story 2021: Some relief from the monotony

Hundreds of families gathered across Clark County to sled and enjoy the snowstorm

CLARK COUNTY — The white flakes began to  drift through the night air, and they all knew what the next day would bring.

It’s been a long last year, and for many the white piles presented a joyous break. As the sun broke over the Horizon, snow kept falling. They grabbed their sleds. Their dogs woke them up. They headed out into a pleasant blizzard.

On hills big and small across Clark County, hundreds of families ventured out to enjoy the ancient pastime of forgetting your worries sliding  on fresh powder. 

We joined them too, because as journalists, sometimes we have to live part of the story to tell it. Especially if it involves huge amounts of fun. 

Enjoy this visual journey through a winter wonderland, right here at home. From all of us at Clark County Today, Happy Snow Day, and stay safe and warm.

Chris Brown, Mike Schultz and Jacob Granneman contributed to the video report.