A conversation with Vancouver Police Chief James McElvain

ClarkCountyToday.com sat down with McElvain to talk about current events and the future of his agency

VANCOUVER — ClarkCountyToday.com had the opportunity to speak with Vancouver Police Chief James McElvain on his opinion of recent events in the community and his vision for his agency’s future.

Reporter Chris Brown asked Chief McElvain about the recent officer involved shootings with Vancouver Police Officers, potential implementation of body-worn cameras, hiring demands for the department, and homelessness in Vancouver.

Chief McElvain says he wants to highlight the helpfulness of not only his 212 officers, but also the civilian employees both in the office and the field, as well as 150 volunteers. Just this year, volunteers have already provided 4,000 hours of community service to the department, he said.

“They do things that enhance our relationship back to the community that otherwise wouldn’t occur,” McElvain said. “They are such a strong force within our department.”

To locate specific topics within our interview, move ahead to these time-codes:

  • 00:19-01:54 – Getting to know Police Chief James McElvain
  • 01:54-3:43 – Recent officer involved shootings involving Vancouver Police Department
  • 03:43-07:21 – Possible implementation of body-worn cameras by the Vancouver Police
  • 07:21-11:33 – Fostering impartial and independent investigation of officer involved shootings
  • 11:33-17:00 – Recruiting and hiring new officers while veteran officers are now retiring
  • 17:00-26:28 – Addressing homelessness in the city of Vancouver from a law enforcement perspective
  • 26:28-29:24 – Te value of all the employees of the Vancouver Police Department: officers, civilian staff and volunteers.

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