A conversation with Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle: The city’s future

ClarkCountyToday.com reporter Chris Brown with McEnerny-Ogle to discuss current city issues and the future of several municipal projects

VANCOUVER — ClarkCountyToday.com had the opportunity to speak with Vancouver Mayor Anne-McEnerny-Ogle about several current issues and projects the city is working on, as well as future plans for several areas of development.

Reporter Chris Brown asks Mayor McEnerny-Ogle about the recent legislative session in Olympia, the I-5 bridge replacement, Stronger Vancouver, homelessness and recent police shootings.

The mayor said she became interested in the position after being a citizen advocate in developing new legislation for the city. She said she sees Stronger Vancouver and many of the revitalization projects as the greatest recent accomplishments and goals.

“Bringing the community in and engaging them in that decision-making process, is our number one priority right now,” she said.

To locate specific topics within our interview, move ahead to these time-codes:

  • 00:23-01:21 – Getting to know the mayor of Vancouver
  • 01:21-03:36 – Why the mayor became interested in becoming mayor of the city of Vancouver
  • 03:36-06:03 – Funding from the state legislature for projects in Vancouver  
  • 06:03-09:42 – Replacing the Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River, and how several avenues of funding may pan out
  • 09:42-12:44 – New and ongoing development and revitalization projects for the city of Vancouver
  • 12:44-17:50 – Stronger Vancouver and the plans to fund projects needed to manage the significant growth occurring in the city and surrounding areas  
  • 17:50-26:47 – Issues stemming from homelessness in the city, including updates of the Navigation Center and possible new/updated shelters or housing options
  • 26:47-29:39 – The mayor’s comments of recent police shootings involving minority group members, as well as proposals for officer body cams
  • 29:39-31:09 – The mayor’s closing comments and highest priorities at present   


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