The Historic Trust honors George C. Marshall Leadership Award recipients

The Marshall Leadership Award recognizes a person’s leadership potential, commitment to public service, and strength of character

VANCOUVER — The Historic Trust announces this year’s General George C. Marshall Leadership Awards recipients, Chase Smith (Adult Award recipient) and Grace Melbuer (Youth Award recipient). 

Grace Melbuer
Grace Melbuer

The Marshall Leadership Award recognizes a person’s leadership potential, commitment to public service, and strength of character. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the public Marshall Leadership Award Ceremony was canceled. The keynote speaker scheduled was Brigadier General Donna Prigmore and the presenting sponsor, Riverview Community Bank.  A private luncheon will be scheduled in late spring 2020 to honor the recipients.

The 2020 Marshall Award adult recipient is Chase Smith – Game Design/Computer Science teacher at Heritage High School in the Evergreen School District. The adult award recognizes an up-and-coming leader in Clark County, 35 years old or younger, who has a commitment to public service.  The adult nominees were: Bennett Brandenburg – Brandenburg Law Firm, Kayla Dansereau – Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center, Cadie Dye – Point North Consulting, Molly Evjen – Share House Vancouver, Rebecca Frommlet – French and English teacher, Ridgefield High School, Michael Pond – ADCO Printing & Graphics, Danielle Wass – City of Vancouver Police Department, and Liliya Zhukova – NWI Global.

Chase Smith
Chase Smith

The 2020 Marshall Award youth recipient is Grace Melbuer – Ridgefield High School.  The youth award recognizes a Clark County high school senior who has demonstrated leadership, stood for social justice and motivates others to become involved.  The 2020 youth nominees were: Arlilah Abatayo – Prairie High School, Kianne Bell – Prairie High School, Arianna Bollens – Columbia River High School, Sydney Clark – Seton Catholic Preparatory High School, Avneet Dhaliwal – Heritage High School, Andrew Ellson –  Cascadia Technical Academy, Hailey Hamilton – Battle Ground High School, Chloe Higgins – Camas High School, Wilson Keller – Columbia River High School, Daniela Reyes – Battle Ground High School, Bailey Segall – Camas High School, and Mackenzie Snell – Camas High School.

The Adult Selection Committee Members were: Jordan Boldt, Les Burger, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Mike Morgan, Maggie Traverso, Larry Smith, and Michelle Wagner. The Youth Selection Committee Members were: Tom Hagley, Jr., Roger Jarvis,  Sharon Pesut, Gail Spolar, and Mike Stromme.

David Pearson, CEO/President of The Historic Trust said, “We are honored to have had the chance to meet all of these young adult and youth nominee candidates. They are all truly accomplished and proud representatives of the George C. Marshall Leadership Award. Congratulations to all the nominees. They are a shining example of the next generation in Vancouver.” 

The Historic Trust has commemorated Gen. George Marshall’s legacy as a world statesman with this award since 1989.  General Marshall was stationed at Vancouver Barracks and lived in a Victorian home on Officers Row from 1936-1938. He was a Brigadier General and a Commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade at Vancouver Barracks.  Marshall also served as the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army during World War II, and Secretary of State. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the development of The Marshall Plan, which assisted in rebuilding the economies of western European nations after World War II.