The Vancouver Clinic performs first knee replacement outside the hospital

Using a high-tech surgical robot, many patients can go home the same day

VANCOUVER — On January 14, 2021, Dr. Casey Cornelius, orthopedist and surgeon, performed The Vancouver Clinic’s first knee replacement surgery in their Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), which is located in the 87th Avenue clinic. 

The patient was able to go home the same day to safely and comfortably recover.

The Vancouver Clinic location in Ridgefield. File photo
The Vancouver Clinic location in Ridgefield. File photo

Until now, clinic patients only had the option of a hospital joint replacement. Now, healthy, low-risk patients who qualify can have surgery in the morning and sleep in their own bed at night. It’s a “more positive experience for patients,” Dr. Cornelius said.

“I think this is the direction that joint replacement is going,” Dr. Cornelius explained. “A high percentage of patients are young and active and need this. There is a huge demand for it.”

The Vancouver Clinic ASC is equipped with a MAKO surgical robot—the same technology used in a hospital setting. The tool allows doctors to place joints precisely, resulting in longer lasting implants and better matches to the patient’s anatomy. This minimally invasive technology also shortens recovery time.

Robotic technology, combined with advances in pain and swelling control, mean that joint replacements have come a long way during the last several years. Offering them in an outpatient setting just makes sense.

“More than 90 percent of patients improve after surgery,” Dr. Cornelius says. “We have a lot of confidence in this.”

Two other clinic doctors join Dr. Cornelius in offering outpatient joint replacements. Dr. Carlos Williams offers hip and knee replacements, and Dr. Christopher Lotufo offers ankle replacements.

“Our first goal is always to provide an excellent care experience for patients,” said Chief Medical Officer Alfred Seekamp. “Making a joint replacement more personal and more comfortable is a natural part of that mission.”

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