PeaceHealth to require COVID-19 vaccination for caregivers

Unvaccinated caregivers with qualifying medical exemptions subject to heightened masking, distancing and regular testing protocols

VANCOUVER – PeaceHealth announced that starting Aug. 31, all caregivers will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit a qualifying medical exemption. Unvaccinated individuals will be subject to regular COVID-19 testing, as well as additional masking, potential reassignment to non-patient care settings, and other safety protocols. The policy will apply to all caregivers, including providers, students, contractors, vendors, and volunteers.

PeaceHealth announced that starting Aug. 31, all caregivers will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit a qualifying medical exemption.
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“Though nearly 80 percent of PeaceHealth caregivers have already been vaccinated, the rise in hospitalizations in our communities is a stark reminder that we are facing a public health emergency and we must do more,” said Dr. Doug Koekkoek, PeaceHealth’s chief physician executive. “We believe all healthcare workers who are medically able should get a COVID-19 vaccine to keep themselves, our patients, and our communities safe. Doing so is part of our mission to promote personal and community health and our Vision to make sure that every person receives safe, compassionate care.” 

While the organization has had high rates of voluntary caregiver vaccination, after deliberation and a formal ethical discernment, PeaceHealth joins many health systems across the country, and professional organizations including the Catholic Health Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and others in requiring vaccination. 

Bob K. Pelz, MD, PeaceHealth’s system medical director of Infection Prevention, noted that “New variants of COVID-19 pose a critical threat to those unable to be vaccinated, including children and the medically vulnerable. It is our moral obligation to first do no harm and act for the common good.”

Information provided by PeaceHealth.

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1 year ago

We are NOT anti-Covid, that it doesn’t exist, or anti-vax but we are ANTI-TYRANNY and believe in life liberty & the pursuit of happiness. 

The current approach to “fight” Covid (1) is a fools errand and needs to end NOW. Never before has there been a successful all-or-nothing approach nor should there be because it’s an irrational & a doomed to fail strategy. It took centuries of living with viruses like smallpox, polio, rubella & measles until vaccines appeared & that still took decades to “eliminate” (which haven’t really been eliminated(2)). 

The current tyrannical Covid approach imposed by elected officials & medical bureaucrats have killed countless, devastated businesses, stunted the education & development of our children, discouraged workers to return to employment, piled on insurmountable debt and now tragically divides communities(3). 

We cannot keep going like this and we are declaring to all governing officials that it’s time to go in a different direction than an emergency empowered tyrannical fight that will never succeed. 

No more mandates. No more lockdowns or restrictions. No more closing down or restricting businesses, schools, homes, parks, churches, events, etc. No more forcing face coverings and absolutely NO VACCINE MANDATES OR COMPULSORY REQUIREMENTS. 

Instead, we demand commonsense definitions to collect data and then fully inform the public that include clear definitions of data, collection means & all data formatted similarly (4). Bring resources to the most vulnerable and provide the best therapeutics & supplies to hospitals & medical professionals. Encourage & empower families & communities to rally together rather than be divided (5). We can overcome together & free rather than divided & subjugated. 

We are the land of free & home of the brave so it’s time to live this out in the Covid era. 

Join the movement, sign this declaration.

In this spirit, We The People also petition the County Council to take up the following ordinance immediately and pass it to enact this declaration. 

“The Clark County Council, via the Board Of Health (BOH), which is the manifestation of representational government at the Public Health level, must act immediately by enacting an ordinance, empowered by RCW 70.05.060(s3) & Clark County’s Home Rule Charter 8.2 & 8.3, to PROHIBIT ANY AND ALL VACCINE & MASK MANDATES OR COMPULSORY REQUIREMENTS WITHIN CLARK COUNTY BUILDINGS OR LAND USE. No business, government agency, educational institution, religious or private organization that operates on land within Clark County will be allowed to discriminate against any person through indirect methods or by direct requirements to be masked or vaccinated or any other similar Covid restrictions. As free citizens & also legal guardians of children, parents ultimately make all health decisions for their children in Clark County AND Vaccinations are a medical health choice for every citizen to make privately and that right should never be impeded nor should their right to privacy (6). 


References cited in comments section.

Reference notes
1. Jay Inslee declaring that he couldn’t take anymore questions from the press because he had to “go fight Covid.” https://www.clarkcountytoday.comOpinion: Gov. Jay Inslee reacts to question about efforts to end his emergency order
2. Measles outbreak in Clark County WA
3. Stats of Covid related effects,,,
4. Examples of death counts, hospitalizations & basic stats manipulated with convoluted definitions.,,,
5. Jay Inslee blaming 50 yr old unvax’d Trump supporters for being “bioreactor facilities” just a week before CDC admits vax’d has the same viral load as unvax’d.
6. Clark County Council authority from RCW & Home Rule Charter

A. adams
A. adams
11 months ago

Does anybody wonder why the state didn’t shut down even though this wave of covid was worse than the first? Just me? I doubt that. Covid will come and go in waves just like any other virus. Covid will disappear only when a certain number of people get the shot and we quit testing for it. The reason we quit testing is that more people become asymptomatic, less testing, fewer symptoms, no covid? Not hardly, it becomes a silent disease with few outbreaks and people eventually quit talking about it. Places of employment are still having outbreaks even with a 100% shot rate. Quite testing, diseases go away, that is how hospitals keep their reimbursements for “never events”

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