Battle Ground Health Care expands compassion and service

Area clinic continues to bring free healthcare to unserviced communities

BATTLE GROUND — Battle Ground Health Care, (BGHC), opened its doors in 2011, and ever since has continued to grow through connections in its generous community. With some 61,000 area residents eligible and in need of free healthcare, the clinic hopes to change the status quo by getting the word out that they, simply, exist. Through donations of dental and medical equipment, the clinic is able to provide critical examinations, dental operations and chronic condition support.

Peter Bascetta is the clinics community outreach representative, and is always looking for new ways to partner with individuals and companies or organizations in the county. Linking up with other free local clinics to not duplicate, but compliment services, Bascetta and the team at BGHC believe they are stronger as a network.

If you are interested in volunteering with BGHC, or in recieving care at their facility, information can be found on their website, or you can contact Peter Bascetta at

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