Murdock Trust announces latest round of COVID-19 emergency support grants

Support includes $1.85 million investment in Washington communities

VANCOUVER — The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust recently announced its most recent round of grants providing emergency support related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trustees approved $5,016,000 through 38 grants to nonprofits serving the Pacific Northwest. This includes $1.85 million in Washington state.

  • The primary focus for investments with this round of grants has been in three areas:
    • Basic Human Need Serving Organizations ($4,075,000)
    • Cultural Influencers & Faith?Based Organizations ($241,000)
    • Community Foundations ($700,000)

To date, the Trust has awarded $10,516,000 through 86 grants. This includes $4.775 million in Washington state.

  • Previous grant awards have included:
    • Medical Research. ($1.4 Million)
    • Front Line Healthcare Needs. ($2.7 Million)
    • Community Impact Funds/Community Foundations. ($1.4 Million)

“The Murdock Trust funding philosophy has always been to listen to the individuals and nonprofit organizations who are on the front lines of the communities we serve, and we continue to follow that guidance through this crisis,’’ stated a news release from the Trust. “We remain in discussion with nonprofits and leaders across our community to help inform future grantmaking into areas of emerging need. We know that this is not a time for ‘business as usual’ and we will remain a dedicated partner to these groups as we all work to weather this storm together.’’

The specific steps the Trust is taking to live up to this role of community partner and investor in capacity building infrastructure and resources include:

  • Maintaining an expedited grants program to deliver immediate financial investment to nonprofits to help address the needs raised by the COVID-19 pandemic head on. (To facilitate the most efficient review of proposals, grants are currently focused on existing partnerships. The previously established Murdock Trust Grants program continues to welcome Letters of Inquiry)
  • Providing increased flexibility to current grantees who may have projects impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Continuing to engage leaders from across the sectors and region served to best understand the immediate and anticipated needs facing individuals, families and nonprofits.
  • Connecting nonprofits and their leaders with additional resources and guidance so that they can best serve their constituents (full list on website).

“Finally, we remain inspired by and grateful for all of the individuals and nonprofits who are putting their own safety at risk to help deliver medical care, food, shelter and other vital resources to those in need,’’ stated the release from the Trust. “To all who are doing their part to help serve the common good and ‘flatten the curve’ we say THANK YOU!’’Information provided by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust.