Free coupons can help Vancouver residents with spring cleanup

City officials ask area residents to wait to use the coupons

VANCOUVER – Vancouver’s annual spring coupon program is scheduled to be available soon, helping residents within the city of Vancouver with free disposal of yard debris and tires at designated drop-off sites. But under current COVID-19 conditions and concerns, the city’s Solid Waste Services is asking residents to wait a little longer before using the coupons.

Printing and mailing of coupons began weeks ago. Now those coupons are set to arrive in the mail in the coming weeks to all single-family residential garbage customers within the city of Vancouver with an active Waste Connections account. Customers receiving paper bills from Waste Connections will find coupons inserted with their April bill. Customers who have paperless billing or don’t get a regular paper bill will receive their coupons directly by postcard. Copies and digital coupons are not allowed under this program.

Residents are asked to please watch for the coupons to arrive within the next two weeks. Then keep coupons handy until ready to use, after Washington’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy’’ order to help fight the spread of COVID-19 has been lifted. Coupons are good through June 30, 2020. Solid Waste Services will continue to monitor the situation and make program changes where needed.

The annual coupon program is provided by Vancouver Solid Waste Services, part of the city’s Public Works Department, to help residents with the added vegetation that commonly results from spring pruning, mowing and weeding. The coupons also provide an opportunity to clean up and remove old, unwanted tires, which can create a nuisance if not disposed of properly.

This year, Solid Waste Services is recommending that residents delay using the coupons for the time being. Washington’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy’’ order is currently in effect until midnight April 6, but could be extended. Residents who believe it is essential/urgent to use the coupons now are urged to first call ahead to be sure designated drop-off sites are open. Customers are responsible for following all health and safety guidelines, including increased distancing. Be prepared to bring your own sanitation/disinfectant as public handwashing facilities are not available at all sites. As always, all self-haul loads must be covered.

Directions and details for using the coupons, including information about the designated disposal sites, are listed on the coupons and on the city’s website at

Looking for other options to use now for extra yard debris? Consider backyard composting or grasscycling using information available from Clark County Green Neighbors ( Vancouver residents can also subscribe to Waste Connections’ optional organics services, available within the city of Vancouver. Waste Connection’s customers within the city of Vancouver can also have bulky items, like tires, picked up curbside for a fee as of this time. 

Visit or call (360) 892-5370 to subscribe or learn more. 

Information provided by city of Vancouver.