“Code-Red’ Emergency appeal issued for blood donations

Bloodworks Northwest said severe shortage includes less than a one-day supply of several blood types

VANCOUVER — Bloodworks Northwest has issued a “Code-Red’’ Emergency appeal for blood donations due to a severe shortage in the community’s blood supply.

Since issuing the emergency appeal, the area nonprofit organization has had “record-breaking numbers’’ of donations in the last few days but it still isn’t enough to raise the supply to comfortable levels. According to one official from Bloodworks Northwest, 20 percent of the blood supply comes from high school students so when they are out for the summer, “adults have a hard time keeping up.’’

Bloodworks Northwest officials indicated that the organization has less than a one-day supply of several blood types including O+, O-, A+, A-, B+ and AB-. Reaching operational levels is critical to ensure that blood is available to patients in hospitals throughout Clark and Cowlitz counties.
Blood can be donated at Bloodworks Northwest, 9320 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver or at any of the organization’s mobile bus drives in Clark and Cowlitz counties. To find the closest drive, call (800) 398-7888 to make an appointment or visit www.bloodworksnw.org and schedule an on-line appointment.

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