Business profile: Runyan’s Jewelers to host Santa Claus on Saturday

Erin Moller is the new owner of Runyans Jewelers in downtown Camas. The store has been a fixture in Camas for 76 years. Photo by Paul Valencia
Erin Moller is the new owner of Runyans Jewelers in downtown Camas. The store has been a fixture in Camas for 76 years. Photo by Paul Valencia

New owner Erin Moller promises to deliver same, traditional commitment to customers

CAMAS — There is a new owner, but the same traditional focus on community and customer service remains at a fixture in downtown Camas.

To celebrate her first Christmas as owner of Runyan’s Jewelers, Erin Moller is inviting guests to the store for some holiday cheer on Saturday, including a visit from Santa Claus, hot cocoa, carolers, and more.

“It’s open to anyone,” Moller said. “No purchase required. We will have a lot of good sales going on, but this is all about the community.”

Runyan’s Jewelers has been part of the community for 76 years now. 

Moller grew up in Camas and was friends with many in the Runyan family. After she graduated from college, she came to work at Runyan’s Jewelers. And even when she worked full time in nonprofit healthcare for 20 years, Moller often would come back to work at the store on the weekends.

When she learned of the opportunity to buy the business, well, it was just perfect for Moller.

“Why not come back and do this and try to honor what the Runyan family has done in this community for years?” Moller said.

Runyan’s Jewelers will continue to have a jewelry repair shop on site, and the dedication to customers will always be the mission, Moller said.

Any and all customers, too.

“There is a misconception that all we offer is high-end jewelry. That’s not true,” Moller said. “We will meet people where they are. If you want a sterling silver pendant, we will find that for you if we don’t have it. Customer service is what we pride ourselves on. That’s what the Runyans always did for people.”

If you go:

What: Cookies and cocoa with Santa

Where: Runyan’s Jewelers, 327 NE Fourth Ave., Camas

When: Saturday, Dec. 17. (Santa will be there from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and again from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.)

More information: Call 360-834-2992 or visit:

Moller has been in the store for years during the holiday season. It is special. Now, she gets to experience it as the owner.

“The energy is really fun,” Moller said. “The most fun part is when a parent brings in their children to buy a gift for the other parents, and the kids get to pick something out. It’s really, really fun.”

Moller also appreciates the repeat business that lasts for generations. Runyan’s has sold wedding sets to couples who now have grandchildren who shop at the store.

That connection, that legacy, Moller said, is important. 

“Jewelry is a story. ‘This is my grandmother’s ring. It’s really important to me.’ We all love people. And jewelry is really just people telling stories,” Moller said.

More memories can be made Saturday at the shop. 

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