Business Profile: A&M Junk Removal and Hauling makes life cleaner

Anthony Covas of A&M Junk Removal and Hauling LLC wants to make the world a cleaner place, offering Clark County customers his junk removal services along with a smile and conversation. Photo by Paul Valencia
Anthony Covas of A&M Junk Removal and Hauling LLC wants to make the world a cleaner place, offering Clark County customers his junk removal services along with a smile and conversation. Photo by Paul Valencia

Faith-based, family-owned small business wants to get word out they it is here for Clark County’s needs

He doesn’t just remove the junk in your house, in your yard. He takes the time to clean up the spot before he leaves.

That’s just an extra benefit that Anthony Covas provides his customers.

“I like it to be cleaner than when I got there,” Covas said.

He will load the junk, clean the job site, and, oh yes, offer a conversation, too.

“I consider everyone as my brother and my sister, in the name of Jesus,” Covas said.

Anthony and his wife Michelle are the A&M in A&M Junk Removal and Hauling LLC, and the name says it all.

Need some junk removed from your home, your property? A&M can do it. Need something hauled from Point A to Point B? Contact A&M. 

“You call me, I’ll come and do the job. I am normally same-day or next-day service,” Covas said. “I’ll come the next day, pick up your junk, get it out of your hair, and you’ll never have to see it again.”

‘Tis the season for junk removal, too. 

On Christmas morning, families will be excited about their new items. Some big-ticket items, too. Well, the next day, many of those families will be needing to make room by getting rid of the older stuff. A&M would prefer a call. He’ll also haul away your Christmas Tree for a nominal fee, on whatever day you prefer.

Covas was in the construction field for most of the past 20 years. A couple years back, though, he started thinking about running his own business.

He understands hard work, and he wanted to serve the people of Clark County.

“You have to do it, not talk about it,” Covas said. “You can talk all you want. You can keep saying it. But you have to make the effort to do it.”

The Covas family — Anthony and Michelle have four children — opened A&M Junk Removal and Hauling LLC in March of 2021. His fees are competitive, he says. He also said there is plenty of work for all to go around in this community. He just hopes that more of that work heads his way. Opening, and then running a business, can be stressful. Anthony acknowledged the company is struggling right now.

But it is not from a lack of effort.

“I’m a small, family-owned, local business, trying to support my family of six,” he said. “I’m out there trying. I’m trying to do every single thing that I can to make a dollar for my family. 

“I’m a hard-working man,” Anthony said, adding there is no job too small.
“If it makes me a hundred bucks, it makes me a hundred bucks.”

The push right now is to get his name out there. Local junk removing companies are competing with national chains. No doubt. 

“If I get three or four or five jobs a day, I’ll be happy. I’m not trying to take all the work away from every other junk removal guy in town,” Anthony said. “There is enough work for every junk removal guy in Clark County.”

Taking the junk away is just one part of the job, though. Covas is also into hauling. Bought a refrigerator but don’t want to wait a week for it to be delivered? If the refrigerator is nearby, Covas can pick it up and deliver sooner. Buying some bark dust but don’t have your own trailer to pick it up? Call A&M.

While the business could use a lot more clients, Covas also understands there are people struggling even more. He recently did a large job at no cost for a husband and wife down on their luck. They had let their yard deteriorate with junk and debris and were going to be evicted without a clean-up. That couple received vouchers for the dump fee but still had no way of paying for the clean-up and hauling.

Until they found A&M.

“I love helping my community out,” Anthony said. “That’s what I’m all about. I did the labor for free because Jesus told me to, and I felt good about it.”

In the future, Anthony and Michelle would love to do more of those services. But in order to do so, they need to book paying jobs, as well.

Anthony promises a job well done and, if the customers want, a good conversation, too.

“I’m faithful toward all of my customers,” Anthony said. “Every time I leave, I tell them, ‘God bless you.’”

Sometimes the job takes Anthony a little longer than Michelle expected. Why? Anthony is talking to the customer. 

“I’m a Christian-based junk removal and hauling business,” Anthony said.

To him, that means he will always have time to talk, or just listen. His customers, he promised, are not just another job, a name on an invoice. 

That might be the best side benefit to the job.

As far as the physical mission of removing junk, Anthony likes that, too. In fact, he has done deep cleaning for homes full of junk. Sure, he’ll do the simple yard debris removal. Or he will take a few items from a garage. But when requested, he’ll clean out an entire home.

“You clean that up. You pull away, look back, and you go, ‘Wow, I cleaned that up and made this house look great.’ That’s what I like,” Anthony said. “I will make sure my job site is clean before I leave.”

As the end of holiday season nears, A&M Junk Removal and Hauling LLC is hoping for more calls, as families look to make space for new items. Soon enough, it will be spring cleaning time, too. Another opportunity for A&M.

“I want to get my name out there, and I want to get busy,” Anthony said. “I’ll take all the work that I can.”

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