Clark County Today Sports Podcast, Episode 6: The threat of the elimination of sports in Washougal

Reporter Paul Valencia and sports administrators Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk about high school sports, and a few other things, too

Paul Valencia

Here is Episode 6 of the Clark County Today Sports Podcast. 

The Washougal School District is saying that if the levy does not pass, it is possible that the district could eliminate sports. Not just some sports. All sports. Is that just a way to get the attention of the voters? Is this real? Our sports administrators and reporter Paul Valencia share their opinions.

We also talk about spring sports.

Oh, and opening day in Major League Baseball. 


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    Anna Miller

    Or, they say the athletic directors would go, sports would go IF THE LEVY DOESN’T PASS. So….it passes, and they STILL get cut.

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    Anna Miller

    “There are different ways to get back at the schools for things you are unhappy about”. Really? I see parents all across the country attending school board meetings, very very unhappy. They are treated like terrorist. So tell us what are those different ways? Name them. More parents are chosing home schooling.

  3. blank

    I have been noticing for decades how one by one, School Boards have diminished extra curricular activities Art, Music, Sports, ignoring the importance and merits of each.
    Parents and children have had to FIGHT for programs that develop and elevate their well-being, their health, and most of all their avenues for Creativity.
    Soon after, they turned it into a financial liability! PASS the levy’s holding these programs hostage, when there was NO intention of reinstating them! Give the schools MORE $$$ ! YET, its a well-known fact our Government wastes MORE MONEY per Capita, then ANY other Country; the money never goes to the people that really need it.

    Oregon Schools cried they needed more $$ for school supplies, while me and my sister found and rescued $3000 worth of brand new School Supplies in a dumpster behind the school at the end of the school year! TRUE Story! That was just (1) school. PLUS, it is advertised how The Indian Tribes Casino’s give MILLIONS $ to the Schools!

    AGAIN. Someone is NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Someone is benefiting from these Levy’s people keep voting in!


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