High school drama club brings cheerleading to the musical stage

‘Bring It On’ will premiere at Prairie High School on March 8

BRUSH PRAIRIE — Prairie High School’s drama club will premiere “Bring It On: The Musical” with acrobatics and fast-paced songs, on Fri., March 8.

The musical, which pulls inspiration from the 2000 movie by the same name, tells the story of two rival cheerleading teams from opposite sides of the tracks, so to speak.

Poster Courtesy of Prairie Drama Club
Poster Courtesy of Prairie Drama Club

“As a director of young actors, it is exciting to bring material to life that so clearly mirrors their process,” siad Claire Verity, the drama teacher at PHS and director of “Bring It On.” “Just like theatre, in cheerleading, no one person can do it alone. It takes a team that works together like a well-oiled machine.”

“Bring It On” features a large cast of talented dancers and vocalists. Music in the production is widely varied with hip hop, rap, pop, and classic show-tunes all included.

The musical was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda; now widely known for his creation of the hit broadway musical “Hamilton” and his work on Disney’s film “Moana.”  

Poster Courtesy of Prairie Drama Club
Poster Courtesy of Prairie Drama Club

The cast began learning skills to use in the production in August of last year.

“This show is very high caliber and most of our cast members have never cheered, tumbled or stunted before” said Grace Newberry, who is in the cast. “We have all  worked very hard everyday to perfect this show and we are excited to put it on stage.”

“Bring It On” is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of two and a half hours with one intermission. Tickets are available on the PHS Drama Facebook page, and are $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $6 for students. Ticket prices at the door will be slightly more expensive.

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