Opinion: Blow the battle horn!

‘Unelected bureaucrats are destroying the republic and stripping away our civil liberties.’

‘Unelected bureaucrats are destroying the republic and stripping away our civil liberties’

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Americans and Washingtonians are frustrated with their federal and state government. It is obvious that these systems are not working as originally designed. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan recently articulated the reason: “Fauci was wrong about #COVID. The 51 ‘intelligence’ officials were wrong about Hunter Biden. The National School Boards Association was wrong about parents. Americans are tired of the ‘experts.’”

Rep. Jordan is right. Unelected bureaucrats are destroying the republic and stripping away our civil liberties.

Wrong on COVID lockdowns and mask mandates

We now know the CDC “erred on the side of caution” in ways that have created long-lasting, unnecessary and often deadly problems. We have reports now that show restrictive COVID lockdowns did NOT work. “Estimates show that the long-term effect of almost two years of education outside of the home are approximately 13.8 million years of lost education nationwide. The long-term impacts of remote learning won’t be known for many years.” Teen Suicide attempts surged during the lockdowns.

We also see that CDC has quietly lowered the bar for childhood speech development. “It’s hard to ignore the growing body of reports showing that childhood development has been suffering as a result of various COVID protocols, raging from ‘virtual learning’ environments to forcing children to wear face masks,” says Jazz Shaw at hotair.com.“ Even with mounting evidence that lockdowns and mandates don’t work, the CDC and the Biden Justice Department are going to appeal the ruling that finally ended the hated airline mask mandate! “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many public health officials don’t seem to recognize the limits of their powers or the importance of the rule of law,” says Eric Boehm at reason.com. Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle stated in her ruling: “Our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in pursuit of desirable ends.”

The deep state coup

Then there was the deep state coup that impacted the results of the 2020 presidential race. “Intelligence” officials promoted a “narrative” that the Hunter Biden laptop story was false. “In short, they peddled online disinformation to sway an election,” according to the New York Post, which originally broke the story.

Now that the “Laptop from Hell” is proven to belong to Hunter Biden, polls show that a significant percentage of Joe Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had known the truth about the laptop and the then-former vice-president’s involvement in the scandals. The FBI, CIA and Department of Justice — all run by protected and unelected bureaucrats — decided the election by withholding and manipulating information.

This is the real “insurrection” of the 2020 election; a coup against our republic and the constitutional system of “free and fair” elections that must be challenged and corrected. Who are these faceless officials who lied to sway the election? The Washington Standard has provided a list.

Parents’ rights and the “experts’” power grab

Parents’ rights rights are under attack by the National School Boards Association, who asked the Biden DOJ to investigate parents as “domestic terrorists.” Teachers Union Head Randi Weingarten thinks parents are “stoking the flames of war” when they insist that the schools actually provide a real education.

“Randi Weingarten is the President of the American Federation of Teachers and perhaps the person who is most to blame for the horrific abuse our children have suffered in the public education system over the last two years… She has wielded the power of her union and affiliates to wedge her way into federal COVID policies… and the victims have been voters and taxpayers who have had absolutely no say in her representation or influence.”

It’s just another example of unelected “experts” manipulating our system of government and circumventing our constitutional system of checks and balances. And yes, they are coming for your children.

Who rules?

Over on American Greatness, Roger Kimball asks the important question: “Who Rules?” Kimball points out that it’s either “the people or a hive of bureaucratic would-be experts.” He continues, “Challenging the hegemony of experts requires a widespread reassertion of that ‘common-sense morality’ to which the founders appealed but which is regarded by our would-be masters as an impediment to utopia.”

Blow the battle horn!

What are your options? You can give in to “the experts” or you can exercise your civic duty to fight for the liberties defined in our constitution. This is a war of ideas, of words, of conversations, of education, of culture. It’s vicious and sometimes the words of our opponents are deeply wounding. Sometimes, like the January 6th “paraders”, some are targeted, punished, and vilified for committing “crimes” so that “the committee” can create a new narrative of “domestic terrorism.”

Be brave. Have conversations. Be smart, be creative, be witty. Comedian Tim Young quipped on Twitter: “Regular people: Go woke, Go Broke. DeSantis and Florida Republicans: Go woke… **blows viking battle horn** and we shall burn your entire village to the ground and sing a song of victory so that any potential enemies in our future shall learn from your folly.”

It’s time to blow the battle horn! It’s time to fight fiercely for our country and our culture.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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9 months ago

Good piece, Nancy! Absolutely agree. If we the people stand up, the game board they are playing on our backs gets flipped over and we win. People have got to take a stand!

8 months ago
Reply to  Wolfie

Enlightening article! Thanks Nancy.
100% Agree with you, Wolfie. Censorship is one of the symptoms of desperation tactics. Increasingly, people are saying ‘Enough is Enough’. Awareness is on the rise – more and more will be saying ‘NO MORE’. Perhaps the turning point back to sanity is within sight. Never give up hope that we will restore what America once was: the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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