Letter: ‘Vicki Kraft has been a dedicated representative voice in Olympia’

The 17th District needs Vicki Kraft in Olympia’

Vicki Kraft has been a dedicated representative voice in Olympia, working to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to state government. We all have to manage our household budgets responsibly and government should do the same.

Susan Wiggs
Susan Wiggs

Half of the bills Vicki introduced in 2018 were the result of listening to the people of the 17th Legislative District. We need this responsiveness in our legislators. Kraft proposed legislation to increase the Business and Occupation tax exemption so small businesses can reinvest money saved back into their business, and ultimately create more jobs. She proposed a bill that would allow farmers to retire without facing financial penalties.

Kraft believes a third bridge west of the I-5 bridge would ease traffic congestion and move freight faster and more safely across the river, as well as help commuters get home to their families faster. She supported the transportation budget which funds the expansion of the I-5 interchange at Northeast 179th Street.

Kraft has said NO to tolls on the I-5 bridge. She’s made her voice heard for the citizens of the 17th Legislative District on this issue by speaking at the Oregon Transportation Commission. Also, she helped defeat the carbon tax which would have resulted in higher gas and utilities prices.

If re-elected, Kraft will continue to work for a school resource officer in every K-12 school, the effective use of education dollars, improving student outcomes, property tax relief, and targeting sex trafficking. The 17th District needs Vicki Kraft in Olympia.

Susan Wiggs

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