Letter: Veneman, Quiring ‘will stand firm in promoting policies to create a vibrant community’

Quiring only councilor to vote against 1 percent property tax increase

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

If you own a home in Clark County, by now you’ve received notice of how much your mortgage payment went up — $100/month for my family.  The McCleary decision ensured property tax increases for homeowners in the state, but then the Clark County Board of Councilors decided to pile on with an additional 1 percent for county residents.  On a board where three of the five councilors are self-declared Republicans only one, Eileen Quiring, voted against the increase.

If you’re tired of electing Republicans who vote like Democrats, vote for Elisabeth Veneman in the 2nd District.  Elisabeth is a fierce defender of the ideals of liberty, limited government, and natural rights on which our country was founded.  Besides lower property taxes, she supports property rights and business friendly policies that will bring more local jobs to our community.  She’s against tolls, light rail, and park fees. Elisabeth has earned the support of Rep. Liz Pike and the 18th Legislative District Republicans.

Eileen Quiring as the Board Chair and Elisabeth Veneman for the Council District 2 will stand firm in promoting the policies to create a vibrant community that will allow families and businesses to thrive.

Julia Dawn Seaver

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