Letter to the editor: ‘Volunteers are so much more than free labor’

Vancouver resident encourages others to volunteer their time and expertise to area nonprofit organizations

Carol Taylor
Carol Taylor

When you think of volunteers, you usually think of someone who isn’t paid for the work they do. And that is true, but volunteers are so much more than free labor. To try to put a price on the worth of volunteers would diminish their true value.

Nonprofit organizations would not exist without the efforts of volunteers as they are needed not only for labor, but also for input, ideas, leadership and expertise. I encourage everyone to find a cause near and dear to them to support. You’ll meet so many new people, feel good about doing something valuable to you plus help a worthy cause. Additionally, they truly need your expertise and knowledge to help improve our community.

Personally, I volunteer with several local nonprofit organizations including the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk To End Alzheimer’s in Vancouver. The Alzheimer’s Association greatly assisted my family through the nightmarish journey of my grandmother’s dementia. (Please visit their website at http://www.alz.org or call (800) 292-3900, 24/7, if you or your family are also dealing with a family or friend with Alzheimer’s or dementia.)

Now go do volunteer as our community needs your help today!

Carol Taylor

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