Letter to the editor: ‘I believe that all individuals deserve the right to freedom of medical choice’

Vancouver nurse Julia Krehbiel offers her thoughts on HB 1638

Julia Krehbiel, RN, BSN
Julia Krehbiel, RN, BSN

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com.

I am writing to you today to try to increase public awareness around HB 1638.  I’ve been a registered nurse for 12 years and I have worked in two different states throughout my nursing career.  I’m also a mother. The general population is becoming sicker and sicker, and our children are no exception. I am not writing to you because I am “pro-vaccine” or “anti-vaccine,” or to cite research studies outlining the real risks of MMR, or even to tell you about all the children who have experienced a vaccine injury (including death), and the families who have been impacted as result.

I am writing to you for one reason – I believe that all individuals deserve the right to freedom of medical choice.  Coerced medicine in the form of creating any law around mandatory vaccination which involves real, scientifically documented risk is not the way to advance our public health.  Abolishing medical freedom, discriminating against children because of the choices of their parents, and excluding healthy children from school because you disagree with their parents’ medical choices is not based upon the principles upon which our country was created, and passing a law such as this will only serve to create further division between individuals and mistrust in our state governments to make decisions that are supportive of this medical freedom.

The state should not be making medical choices for our families.  This bill is ultimately not about vaccines – it’s about a family’s freedom to make healthcare decisions for themselves.  Our country was founded on the idea of religious and civil freedom. HB 1638 is anti-Washingtonian and anti-American. I’m disappointed to see lawmakers voicing support for or staying silent about this bill.

Merck, the maker of MMR ll is reportedly on trial in federal court, as CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson confessed to fraud regarding an MMR II safety study.  The science is alarming on the dangers of injecting fetal DNA fragments into anyone. Heavy metals and glyphosate are present in vaccines at alarming levels. Aborted fetal tissue goes into these vaccines.  All these substances bypass the blood brain barrier because they are injected and cannot be detoxified by the body easily. The fact that the vaccine makers have no liability even if their products cause severe disability or death should give us a big clue as to the underlying motives here.  

How all the sudden did an outbreak of measles, a virus that used to be considered a natural part of gaining our immunity as children growing up (like chickenpox), suddenly turn into this very serious “life-threatening” disease which now requires government mandated vaccines in order for children to attend school?  It is discrimination and segregation. It’s also main stream media censorship of true information, in order to convince the masses we all need a vaccine or else we are a threat to everyone. It is known that people who receive MMR vaccine shed the virus. It is also known that long term immunity after vaccinations wanes significantly over years.  Natural immunity to viruses is how our immune systems intended to work.

If vaccine-free children are exposed to measles they will get a fever before the rash and their parents will know to immediately keep them home and isolated and ensure they have adequate Vitamin A, a supplement cited in the medical literature which is known to improve measles outcomes- information which has been suppressed or ignored.

If this legislation passes, I have heard estimates that up to 40,000 children in Washington will be removed from public school.  Many more people are considering leaving the state altogether.

This is a bipartisan issue with one bottom line:  the people of Washington do not want our children’s medical decisions made by state legislators.  If you are against discrimination, you are against HB 1638.

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time and consideration in reading my message.

Julia Krehbiel, RN, BSN

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