Letter: ‘The real threat to our democracy is the Electoral Count Act of 1887’

Vancouver’s Sharon Brown shares her thoughts on recent discussions about voter fraud and voter suppression

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown

According to the political organization No Labels, Republicans and Democrats have been fighting over two “problems” — voter fraud and voter suppression — that are completely overblown. 

While it is true that Republican-controlled legislatures in 19 states have passed laws changing the rules of their voting or election systems, to suggest that these are Jim Crow 2.0 is irresponsible. 

The real threat to our democracy is the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Fortunately, a bipartisan Senate group of true heroes — including Sens. Joe Manchin, Susan Collins, Kyrsten Sinema and Mitt Romney — have already started discussions (https://www.nolabels.org/nlv-voting-in-america/).

Sharon Brown

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    Scott Hooper

    This is a good move, but to be honest about the two parties claims: There has been no evidence of Democrat-inspired voter fraud, yet the right is a’light with claims of such (people making the mistake of believing Trump). So far, every case of provable fraud in 2020 has been perpetrated by Republicans.

    There was a reason why for decades the South could not alter voting laws without Congressional approval: they wish to disenfranchise minorities. That’s exactly what they’re doing now, and there is a measurable, provable impact that favors right-wing politics.

    For e.g., decreasing the number of polling locations in highly populated yet mostly dark-skinned areas. This will increase waiting lines and decrease turn-out. It’s all very obvious and simple.

    These are real, and they matter.


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