Letter: ‘People should ask what ideology grants governors and others the right to take away religious freedom’

Vancouver resident Ann Makar shares her thoughts on the impact stay-at-home orders have on citizens’ right to gather for public worship

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The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is fundamental to our history and law. Millions have fled to the U.S. in part or in whole because our Bill of Rights guarantees our right to the free exercise of religion.

Ann Makar
Ann Makar

Now we are “not allowed” to gather for public worship as we did a few months ago. What a precedent this sets.

People should ask what ideology grants governors and others the right to take away religious freedom. Do certain perceptions of “the common good?” Does man-made climate change? Does secular humanism or scientism of safetyism or safe-spaceism? Does the ideology of sexual fluidity and sexual license trump this liberty? Many think these beliefs do trump religious liberty.

I’m very glad a lot of worship services are streamed online and that, so far, there are lots of resources available online in the U.S. to help with spiritual growth. I think a lot of people consider themselves to be moral relativists but insist on some moral absolutes. We all believe certain things are right or wrong, and laws codify those beliefs.

It’s encouraging that the Department of Justice has called religion “essential” and insists that churches not be treated in a discriminatory way with respect to “lockdowns” when compared to businesses.

Please remember Benjamin Franklin’s quote: “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security.’’

I do not hate any human being and do support equality. I do hate what I perceive to be evil.

Ann Makar


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