Letter: In support of Eileen Quiring, Elisabeth Veneman and Vicki Kraft

Area resident supports three candidates in general election

Dennis Anderson
Dennis Anderson

I would like to urge my friends and fellow citizens to vote for three individuals that I hold in the highest regard: Eileen Quiring and Elisabeth Veneman, who are both running for Clark County Council, as well as Vicki Kraft, who is up for re-election in the 17th district. All three are outstanding patriots, advocates and followers of our Constitution, and who demonstrate the highest moral standards.

I know their hearts and I know what they stand for. We can do no better than to place these passionate ladies into the offices of which they are running.

We have other fine individuals that are on the ballot but these three are exceptional and must be elected.

I would hope that every reader has completed their study of all candidates and I would hope that my testimony is of no surprise to you.

Dennis Anderson

Lt. Col USAF (ret)

Captain SouthWest Airlines (ret)

Homeland Security Law Enforcement (ret)

Deacon Battle Ground Baptist Church.

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