Letter: ‘I have never been afraid to cross the aisle. That is, until this election’

Vancouver resident Jill Sieloff offers her thoughts on the political climate in the country since the last election

Jill Sieloff
Jill Sieloff

I am a registered Republican but I have never voted straight down party lines. I have some pretty liberal leanings and have always examined each candidate and voted for the best person in my opinion. I voted for Bill Clinton and even voted for Barack Obama the first time. I have never been afraid to cross the aisle. That is, until this election.

The destructive and venomous “resistance” from the Democrats toward our president and any policy or idea coming from the right has changed me. I am now afraid. I am afraid of what lengths they might go to in order to gain or retain power. I am afraid of people who seem very willing to cut off the nose of the country to spite its face.

I am afraid of people who march in lockstep announcing decisions to vehemently oppose something they admittedly haven’t even read just because it wasn’t written by them. I am afraid of people who encourage hostility and even violence to have their way. I am afraid to send them even one more soldier to march in their parade of ruination. This is what the Democrat party has come to represent to me and it’s a recent development.

To be fair, I do not believe Republicans are without sin. There has been plenty I did not agree with coming from that side as well, but never in my lifetime has it descended to the sickening level the left has taken it to since 2016. Voting straight down party lines this time. Not because of anger or principle but because of fear. Yuk.

Jill Sieloff

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