Letter: ‘Has our water been poisoned without the public’s knowledge, consent or vote?’

Vancouver resident Wynn Grcich discusses the presence of Sodium Fluoride in our drinking water

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Why didn’t the League of Women Voters question Rep. Paul Harris on his Fluoridation bill HB 1684 – 2021-22? Do they like drinking the poison Sodium Fluoride in their drinking water? Sodium Fluoride is the poison in fluoridated toothpaste you are NOT supposed to swallow. “If swallowed, seek poison control.”

Wynn Grcich
Wynn Grcich

The U.S. buys bags of Sodium Fluoride poison from China. The bag has a skull and crossbones on it. It reduces the population and sterilizes people and animals. Sodium Fluoride is the key ingredient in rat poison.

I want the Clark County Health Board and Dr. Alan Melnick to have a public hearing and have Paul Harris come and show proof that drinking poison is safe. I asked the Clark County Council three times on public record, to do this. I asked last Tuesday again, for a public hearing on fluoridation at a Clark Council meeting, when there was a large crowd because the city manager took away the sheriff’s job of controlling the jail and gave it to Shook, the man who Lost the midterm election. Do you think something is corrupt in Clark County and Vancouver?

 I put many studies and documents of toxic fluoride, on public record, at the councils. Fluoridation causes brain damage, lowering IQs, ADHD in Children, Increases Down Syndrome Babies, bone spurs, crippling bone diseases, arthritis. Alzheimer’s, and increases cancer death rates. It doubles breast cancer death rates. Drinking poison in your water while taking medicines or chemotherapy causes reactions or death. Have Harris prove it doesn’t!

Check out DW Health Office of Drinking Water email: DWSRF@doh.wa.gov civil.rights@doh.wa.gov they have funding available for municipal water systems that : Serve more than 5,000 connections and who do not provide fluoridated drinking water to all customers. Fluoridation Engineering design Funding Letters of Interest 331-697 (PDF)

Has our water been poisoned without the public’s knowledge, consent or vote?

Contact Rep. Paul Harris email:Paul.Harris@leg.wa.gov, call 1-800-562-6000.

Have him repeal his bill HB1684 and stop fluoridation! If he doesn’t, don’t re-elect him.

www.FluorideActionNetwork.org  www.FluorideAlert.org Dr. Paul Connett has a lawsuit going on in the Supreme Court to stop fluoridation.

Read the book The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson.

Wynn Grcich

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  1. Clark County Resident

    Wow. The level of misinformation, scare-tactics, and “dangerous words” in this letter are incredible. FACT: Almost anything can be “poison” at sufficient doses. As little as 10 grams of salt can kill a child. Three to five gallons of water will kill an adult. Anyone with any basic knowledge knows that “the dose makes the poison”. The amount of sodium fluoride in drinking water has NEVER been shown to cause the long list of maladies this person claims, and in fact study after study (by real researchers) has shown no harmful effect as recommended levels. And, whenever you hear anyone tell you to “make them prove that it doesn’t”, you know that they don’t know what they’re talking about, and are just trying to manipulate you with fear. People say she kills puppies in her back yard – you should ask her to prove that she doesn’t. See the problem? You can’t prove a negative. She is the one with the extreme claims – SHE needs extreme proof. I certainly hope this person hasn’t ever been to Arizona, Nevada, much of California, or the great lakes – all places where the groundwater can have naturally high levels of fluoride – more than is added through fluoridation in many cases. This is just another sad example of scientific illiteracy, scare tactics, and conspiracy theories in our society. Luckily, most of the country (and world) know more than she does.

    1. Wynn Grcich

      I pay a lot of money on my property taxes for schools. The students in my area are flunking reading and math. I see this Clark County resident never looked up the MSDS report on the industrial waste product sodium fluoride. This person did not look up or research anything on fluoridation. They could have checked out what I have put on public record. https://www.lobachemie.com/lab-chemical-msds/MSDS-SODIUM-FLUORIDE-CASNO-7681-49-05872-EN.aspx

      Does this resident know what a skull and cross bone means? Poisons like arsenic in water are measured in PPB. At 50 parts per billion arsenic will kill one in a hundred with cancer. We are talking about a teeny tiny amount. Water companies were supposed to reduce it to 10 ppb.by 2006. Many cities did not because it cost around $30,000,000 to reduce the arsenic from a product added to the water. Arsenic cause prostate cancer. Do you really think Senator Speier of CA is concerned about cavities?
       Fluorosilici acid 23-25 is the SF Bay Area fluoridation chemicals Senator Jackie Speier chose to poison the state’s water with it. This phosphate fertilizer waste product does have arsenic in it. It causes cancer and diabetes. ACWD water company puts 57 tons a year in the water and they do not remove it, like the sodium fluoride that will be used here.
      This is why the ground water will be continually contaminated with sodium fluoride, every year. The fluoridation chemicals are not taken out of the water, bagged up and taken to a hazmat dump. Epoch Times had a picture of a burlap sack of sodium fluoride from China with a skull and cross bones on it. Clark County has a picture of it on public record.
      If you choose to ingest poison to reduce cavities, ask your dentist for a prescription to add to every glass of water you drink! It should be your choice to drink poison, not a public poisoning for the water supply. I choose NOT to drink it.
       You Tube: Dr. Russell Blaylock Fluorides Deadly Secret Part 1
      You tube: Fluoride: Cancer, Science & Politics- Full Length
      You tube: 2017 Banned Documentary Tells the Truth About Water Exposed.
      You tube: Dr. Dean Burk: FLUORIDE is public murder on a grand scale says Dr Dean Burk of National Cancer Institute 
      You tube
      Dean Burk, Fluoridation of water is “public murder “
       Maybe this resident lives on the west side of Vancouver and their I Q has already been lowered?
       I am sending videos because I know this person doesn’t read. You tube: Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride’s deadly secrets tells of the scientific studies done on water fluoridation and the health affects it causes. Dr. Dean Burk and Dr. John Yiamouyiannis studied the first fluoridated cities for many years. They concluded fluoridation increased cancer death rates.  
      This Clark county resident thinks there are no side effects for drinking poison in our drinking water. Since that person thinks ingesting poison in every glass of water, cooking in it, bathing and brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, mouth washes, dental floss and breathing in fluoridated shower steam, is going to protect them from cavities, what is the dose you are taking every day? How much poison do you need?
      Are you taking any medications and swallowing them with poison in your water? Do you think adding poison will affect your medicine? Why would a chemo patient want to have poison added to their water?
       If Clark County buys this hazardous waste product from China and they have very low pollution standards, how to we know what kind of chemicals are in those burlap bags of sodium fluoride? Is there arsenic in the scrubbers, of their industries, we are purchasing their hazardous waste from?
      The Konformist October 29, 2000 Water Treatment chemicals contribute to Arsenic levels in drinking water by George Glasser. 
      The Harvard brain damage studies are on public record at Clark County Council.
      What politician would poison the water of a toothless baby or pregnant women? Watch those videos and learn what this poison does.


    I AM OPPOSED TO FLORIDE IN OUR WATER.. my mother was an Registered Nurse in the 1950’s and was totally Opposed to fluoride she researched and campaigned against it and today Modesto California is still not using it…Do your own Research Read the label on your Toothpaste …Try the non Fluoride Toothpaste …I feel A lot better and No Cavities without Fluoride !!!

  3. Laurel Pascual

    I totally agree with Wynn Grcich. Funny how the Clark County Resident didn’t put his/her name. I use to live in Union City, CA. When the water company decided to add ammonia to our chlorinated water to make chloraminated water, I had concerns. In addition to looking up information on chloramine, I also looked up fluoride. The Material Safety Data Sheet for the fluoride compound used in our drinking water, use to bare the skull and crossbones (universal sign for poison), indicating it was a poison! It also said, “It mottles your teeth and bones.” It can’t be good if it is damaging them. Our fluoridated toothpaste bares a label, “Consult poison control if swallowed!” This is the reason for spitting it out. When I mentioned this to the Union City City Council, it got pulled from the website and came back a couple of months later with a circle and an X. It seems like the government doesn’t want you to know. I would like to ask this resident, “How do you spit the fluoride out of the water we drink?” We should not be drinking this poison that can lead to dental fluorosis. I had a water softener and my children’s pediatrician prescribed fluoride drops. I wasn’t consistent giving it. When I gave it, it stained their teeth brown and made it less dense. When I didn’t give it, it grew out white. There teeth had speckles on them too, dental fluorosis. Had I known back then what I know now, I would have never given it to them. They have tried whiteners to improve their appearance.

    I suggest the resident read the book, The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson. The book talks about how the whole “good for your teeth” campaign came about to prevent big businesses and the government from being sued. The book is based on declassified government documents when Bill Clinton was president.

    I also suggest this resident to read the article put our by the Children’s Health Defense, Experts Confirm Extremely Low Levels of Fluoride Causes IQ Loss in Children, written by Stuart Cooper, director of the Fluoride Action Network. We live in a competitive world. Do you want our future teachers, engineers, and doctors to be less smart? As it is, half of the children in Washington are failing English and quite a bit more are failing math. There is another article on the same website dated October 14, 2020, Fluoride is Toxic to Developing Brains, New Studies Find, written by Bruce Lanphear, Christine Till, and Linda S. Birnbaum. It is one thing to claim ignorance in the past, but how can any pregnant woman or young mother knowingly allow her baby to drink poison? It may seem like a little but it if crosses the blood brain barrier, it can accumulate. Everyone should be outraged.

    Mr. Paul Harris had to of known that fluoride was poison. If he didn’t, do you really want someone like him making decisions for our communities when it affects our health. They should stop fluoridating all of the drinking water immediately. He won’t be getting my vote!

  4. Sylvia

    Some support the use of fluoride, chlorine, etc in tap water. Others are totally opposed to it. Each group has their reason(s) – that is freedom of choice. There is no justification whatsoever in not respecting anyone’s opinions, preferences, or decisions.
    Like many people, I prefer to have clean unadulterated water, and have used triple filtration including reverse osmosis. The taste of clean wster is just marvellous. Problem solved!
    Attempts to persuade authorities to change their dogmatic habits are usually doomed to fail.

  5. Ron Abbey

    Fluoride was put into water a long long time ago for a specific reason. Well, two if you count the industry making money. That reason is gone.

    1. Wynn Grcich

      Medical industries make money on the illnesses the poison causes in your body. Do you really believe ingesting poison in the way to prevent cavities? This is medical tyranny all the way to your death. Fluoride causes Alzheimer’s. It cost money to put a senior citizen in an Alzheimer’s facility. Fluoride causes crippling bone diseases and bone spurs. I have had three foot surgeries. How much did that cost. Read the book The Fluoride Deception and you will see why fluoride was put in our water. Remember Kaiser use to make aluminum and steel during the war. There was a cover up of the hazardous waste from the smoke stacks of the steel and fertilizer industries. Kettering Laboratories where paid to make fluoride safe. Look up Donora, Penn toxic fluorine smog conversion. 50 people died with in a month from breathing the air. Corporations were sued and they formed the Fluoride Lawyer committee. Kaiser got out of the steel industry and went into health care. My dad and uncles worked it that steel mill. Fascinating story of history and corruption. My cousins still live in that city. Good why to get rid of a hazardous waste product and make money to dump it in our water. I put the brain damage studies on public record at Clark County council. Look them up.You Tube 2017 BANNED DOCUMENTARY THE TRUTH ABOUT WATER EXPOSED FULL5 years ago
      The Great Culling: The Truth About Our Water Full Documentary FLUORIDE EUGENICS 17 U.S. Code § 107 – Limitations on …

  6. David

    The level of poison is always the dosage. That is why it is absurd to put it in the drinking water. There is no control of the dosage. If you want to put it on your teeth – go ahead. But please take this uncontrolled level of toxicity out of the county drinking water.

  7. Victoria Ferrer

    I do not understand why we need fluoride in our developed country. The argument can not hold for toothcare because we have it in our toothpaste.

    If you read HB 1684, it suggests people of color can not afford toothpaste. I find this very offensive and untrue. Talk about misinformation.

    Many countries have banned the use of fluoride in the water because they understand the health risks and actually care about their citizens.

    If the back of toothpaste warns us, if swallowed call poison control, then I think this should be a no-brainer and we should not be putting it in our water. We can not presume to know how much fluoride each individual is digesting on a given day.

    This is more than agree to disagree. When those who disagree loose their right to choose for themselves that is unconstitutional period.


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